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best quotes from Chanakya neeti which are very important in life

21 best quotes from Chanakya niti.

1.No disease is more deadly than desire (the sexual), no enemy is more dangerous than infatuation, no fire is hotter than the fire of wrath (extreme anger) and no happiness is better than the self-knowledge

2.Even the goals which are very difficult to achieve can be achieved by determination.  Nothing is impossible for a determined person.

3.One should always feel satisfied with his wife,  with his diet, and with his wealth. But one should never be satisfied with the knowledge one has, austerity, penance (Tapasya), and giving a donation to the deserved.

4.A person who is aware of future troubles, and fight against them with his intelligence will be always happy. And a person who remains inactive (without working ) waiting for good days to come will destroy his own life.

5.An evil (wrong) person is more dangerous than a Snake.  Because a snake will sting (injure) only once but the evil person will sting at every step.

best quotes from chanakya neeti
best quotes from Chanakya neeti

6.One should not live in a place where one will not get respect, where it is not possible to earn a livelihood, where there is no close friend/relative, and where there is no chance of getting good knowledge.

7.Reject a friend who talks sweetly on the face but tries to harm (or talk bad about you) in your absence. They are like delicious food mixed with poison.

8.One should save money to save oneself from bad situations/problems. Because no one can expect when a bad situation can arise.

9.A person who tries to get temporary things leaving aside the permanent things will lose both temporary and permanent things. should not spend his day without learning a sloka, without donating something, and without doing good work.

11.There will be no poverty for a hard-working person, there will be no papa for the person who does Japa, there will be no conflict for a silent person and there will be no fear for a person who is always alert. should fear only till he doesn’t know the reason for the fear. Once you find the reason for fear then you should fight against it with courage.

13. Human will take birth alone will die alone and will take the fruits of his karma alone.

best quotes from chanakya
best quotes from chanakya

14.Knowledge is the best friend during travel. Spouse is the best friend in the house. Medicine is the best friend during ill health and the dharma one followed will be the best friend after death.

15.In this world everything is volatile (will not be permanent) including money, property, life span, and place. Dharma followed by a person is the only permanent thing.

16.There is no great Tapasya (penance) than peace, there is no great happiness than satisfaction, there is no great disease than greediness and there is no great dharma than mercy.

17.One who doesn’t have the knowledge, Tapasya, mercy, patience, purity and one who doesn’t follow dharma are animals in the form of humans.

18.Goddess Laxmi will not bless a person who wears dirty clothes, who don’t keep himself clean, who eats more, who sleeps during sunrise and sunset.

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19.You should work for good things when you are young and healthy. Because you will not be able to do good things when you are old and ill.

20.He who gives up shyness while dealing with money, acquiring knowledge, eating, and in business becomes happy.

21.Money acquired in an illegal way may remain for some time but finally, it disappears along with the original amount.

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