Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Mahabharat Teachings - Arjun's Concentration

Once Guru Drona prepared a toy bird and tied to the top of atree. Then he called both Pandavas and Kauravas. All assembled in one place.First guru Drona called Yudhishthira and ask him to take bow and arrow and aimat the toy bird on the tree. Yudhisthira aimed at the bird. Then Guru Dronaasked

“Are you able to see the bird on the top of the top?”

Yudhisthira replied

“Yes Guruji I can see”

Guru Drona asked

“Are you able to see the tree, your brothers andme?”

Yudhishthira replied

“Yes Guruji I can see”

Then Guru Drona said that you are not able to concentrate100% on the target so you will not be able to hit the target. Like this Guru,Drona was calling all the students one by one, asking them to aim the bird andasking them what all they can see. Everyone was saying that they are able tosee other things as well along with the toy bird. Finally, Arjuna number came.

Guru Drona asked him to aim the toy bird and asked

“Are you able to see the bird on the top of thetree?”

Arjuna replied

“Yes Guruji, I can see”

Guru Drona asked

“Are you able to see the tree?”

Arjuna replied

“No guruji, I can’t see”

Then Guru Drona asked

“Tell me what all you can see”

Arjuna replied

“Guruji I can see only the head of toy bird, other thanthat I am not able to see anything”

Guru Drona said to release the arrow from the bow and hitthe toy bird. Then Arjuna released the arrow and it hit the head of the toybird.

From this incident, we can easily understand that if we wantto achieve something we should concentrate on that goal completely. Else wewill not be able to achieve what we want. So friends while working on importantthings don’t talk to others or think about something else and switch off allyour disturbances and concentrate completely on the work which you are doing.If you can do like this you will also hit the target like Arjuna for sure.

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