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Importance of Implementatioin - Ramayan Life lessons

After Hanuman had got the darshan of Sita Mata, he wants to know how powerful the rakshas are. So he created a quarrel with them and killed many Rakshasas. Finally, Ravana’s son Indrajeet came there and by seeing Hanuman he thought that Hanuman can’t be controlled by normal weapons and used Brahma Astra on him. To respect Lord Brahma, Hanuman surrendered himself to Brahma Astra. Then Hanuman was taken to Ravan.

Hanuman told Ravan who he was, why he came and also told that if Ravan doesn’t return Sita Mata he will be killed for sure.

Listening to all this Ravan got anger and order Rakshas tokill Hanuman. Then Ravan’s brother Vibhishan stood and told that as per Dharmaa messenger should not be killed. Hey, king Ravan, you have read all theshastras and you know them very well. So even after knowing dharma if you don’tfollow them, there is no value for your study.

What Vibhishan told should be an eye-opener for presentgeneration people. We will learn a lot about a particular thing and will spenda lot of time in knowing about it. But when it comes to practice, we will notput any effort.

Many people will read books on Yoga and will spend a lot oftime seeing yoga videos on YouTube but finally, they will not even spend 15minutes daily to practice it. If you don’t practice then your learning is purewaste.

In the same way, some people keep on seeing videos oncooking but will never make a new dish. If you don’t want to try what the useof seeing?So friends from now if you learn something putit in practice then only it will have some value

Failure before Success - Ramayan Life Lessons

In the war when almost all the great warriors of Ravan including Kumbhakarna died only 2 main great warriors were left that is Indrajeet and Ravan. So the situation is more favourable for Rama. During that time Rama was making a plan on how to kill Indrajit because Indrajit will become invisible and he will keep on attacking. So Rama was thinking of a strategy on how they should find Indrajeet and defeat him.

Indrajit has noticed that Rama was making a strategy and he thought that he should divert Rama and his army. When they are diverted Indrajeet want to do Nikumbala Homam. If Indrajit completes that Homam it will become almost impossible to defeat him. So he left the war field and created a Maya Sita (an illusion/doll which exactly looked like Sita Mata).

Then he came to war field along with Maya Sita in his chariot. Then in front of Hanuman and Vanara Sena, he has cut the head of Maya Sita and told like this “I have killed Sita for whom you are doing war”.

Then he became invisible and went to do Nikumbala homam. Then everyone including Hanuman who saw this thought that Indrajit has killed Sita Mata. They went to Rama and told about it. Because of this everyone became depressed and stopped doing war.

After sometime Vibishana (Ravan’s brother) came there and saw that everyone was in depression. He finds the reason for their depression and told to Rama that it’s not Sita whom Indrajeet has killed. It might be Maya Sita which was created by Indrajit to divert them. Because Ravan has kept Sita in such a place that even Indrajit don’t know where she was. And I come to know that Indrajeet has went to do Nikumbala homam.

If he completes that Homam it becomes very difficult to defeat him. So stop crying and send Laxman & hanuman along with me. So that we can go to the place where Indrajit is doing Nikumabala homam and stop that homam and kill him. Then they went and killed Indrajit.

So when Victory came nearer to Rama Indrajit created an illusion and made Vanara Sena and Rama feel that the main purpose for which they are fighting has been lost. If Vibishana has not told the truth then it might have been a different story.

In our life as well when we are working hard for somethingand we are close to victory nature will create a situation or problems becauseof which we will feel depressed and can stop putting efforts. If you stop yourefforts you will not get Victory.

Many people will lose Victory because when they are close tovictory they will stop putting efforts. Later they recognise their mistake andkeep saying that if I had put little more efforts I might have got Victory.

So friends, if nature gives you Hurdles, don’t stop your efforts and start putting more efforts as you are close to Victory.

When Everything Goes wrong - Ramayan Life Lessons

As you all know Ravan was very powerful who defeated manygods and his Indrajeet was even greater than him who defeat god Indra. Ravan’sbrother kumbakarna was also very powerful. There are many powerful Rakshasunder Ravan who never faced defeat.

Rama killed 14 thousand undefeatable Rakshas alone. Hanuman entered Lanka and killed many Rakshas including one of the sons of Ravan and set Lanka on fire. And when the war started all the powerful Rakshas were getting killed one by one.

Even Kumbhakarna and Indrajit were also killed. Even Ravan was once defeated by Rama, but Rama didn’t kill him saying that “you are tired now I don’t want to kill you. Go take rest and come next day for war”.

But even after so many incidents which are not normal Ravan never thought back on how a normal Human being and Vanaras are able to defeat Rakshas who has even defeated Gods. Ravan was always with the Ego that no one can defeat him but if he had cross-checked how all this is happening, he might have easily recognised that Rama was not a normal human but Lord Vishnu himself.

If he has done this he might have given back Sita Mata and saved his life and also the life of many Rakshas. But he has not done that which lead to his own destruction.

So friends in your life if everything is going wrong onceslow down and check where the problem is & why everything is going wrong.If you can correct the base problem then everything goes well for you.

Give and Take policy - Ramayan life Lessons

In Ramayan when Rama got problem he never hesitated to takethe help of others. But at the same time, he helped them back and he wasgrateful to them throughout his life.

Rama helped Sugriva in becoming king of Kishkinda and also in getting back his wife by killing Vali. After Sugriva became the king of Kishkinda, Rama took the help of Sugriva and Vanara Sena to find Sita Mata and in war with Ravan.

Rama also took help of Ravan’s brother Vibhishan in war andafter the war, Rama made Vibishan as the king of Lanka. If you notice Rama wasfollowing the win-win situation. He has taken help from people and at the sametime helped them back.

Here you should be careful about one thing. Before takinghelp from anyone Rama used to check if the person is good or not. He never usedto think whether he is rich or poor, what is his background and all. You cannotice this from the below incident.

When Rama shot Vali and when Vali is in his last minutes, Ramawent and stood beside him. The Vali asked Rama like this “Rama if you need helpin searching for your wife. Why didn’t you, asked me for help? I am alreadyking of Kishkinda and more powerful than Sugriva. Why you did friendship withSugriva instead of me?”

Then Rama told, you are doing Adharma by taking awaySugriva’s wife. So I will not make friendship either take a favour from theadharmic people.

So friends from now never hesitate to take help from otherswhen needed but at the same time be ready to help others. There will be somepeople who hesitate to take help from other even in bad situations and therewill be some people who will take help but will not help others. Both are notcorrect. Life is all about giving and taking.

But before taking help make sure you are taking it from a good person. If you take a favour from a bad person, later he might force you to help him by doing a non-ethical work.

For example, if you take favour of a person who does smuggling. In future, he might ask you to help him in smuggling. So never take a favour from a bad person.

Namasmarana - Ramayan Life Lessons

Once in war Ravan and Laxman are fighting with each other. Laxman has broken the Ravan’s bow and hit Ravan with 3 arrows. Angered by this Ravan used Shakti Astra which was given to him by Lord Brahma on Laxman. Shakti Astra started coming towards Laxman with smoke and fire.

Laxman tried to stop it but he was not successful. Shakti Astra was hit on Laxman chest. Laxman fell down on the ground. But Laxman didn’t lose his consciousness.

It was clearly mentioned in Ramayan that even after getting attacked by Shakti Astra, Laxman didn’t lose consciousness because Laxman was doing Vishnu Nama Smarana inside. So Shakti Astra was not able to show its full effect on Laxman

In the same way, we will also face problems/ sudden incidents which can harm us. And we might not know when and how these problems or incidents can come in our life. So like Laxman, if we can also keep doing Bhagawan namasmarana (keep saying god name) all the time, these problems will not be able to affect us much. They can only show a partial effect.

For example, as per your Karma if you are supposed to get anincident where you should loss 100 drops of blood. If you keep doing Bhagawannamasmarana the effect of the incident will be reduced. Instead of losing 100drops of blood, you will lose only 1 or 2 drops.

So friends from now whatever work you are doing keep sayingthe name of God in your manas (inside). It might be Vishnu namasmarana or Shivanamasmarana or your Ista devata namasmarana, it will protect you for sure.

Know the Real well Wisher - Ramayan Life lessons

Ravan came to know that Rama along with Vanara Sena startedcoming towards Lanka, so Ravan called a meeting with all his ministers. Ravanasked his minister to tell their suggestions. Many ministers started praisingthe power of Ravan and kept telling that Rama was nothing in front of you sothere is no need to fear about him.

Vibhishan listened to all the ministers and said that Ravan has done a mistake by bringing Sita Mata. He should return back Sita Mata with respect. Then there will not be any war.

Ravan got anger on listening to Vibhishan. He scoldedVibhishna very badly.

Then Vibhishan decided to leave from that place. Beforeleaving he told like this “Hey Ravan, you will easily find people who keeppraising you, who will be speaking pleasing words to get favors from you. Butit is very difficult to get people who will tell right things, even if youdon’t like and even if it’s harsh”

What Vibhishan told was very true. If you show interest in a bad habit, there will be many people who will encourage you to start that habit. But it’s very difficult to find a friend who will scold and tell you to be away from that bad habit.

For example if you are not using a helmet while drivingthere will be many friends who will give n number of suggestions on how toescape from traffic police but it’s very rare to get a friend who will scold usfor not using a helmet. If you find a person like that never leave him becauseit’s not that easy to get a person who always tells which is correct even ifit’s harsh. They are the real well wishers, listening to them will always dogood to you.

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Human efforts + God blessings - Ramayan life lessons

When Hanuman met Sita Mata in Lanka, Sita Mata asked Hanuman many questions about Rama like how is he? Is he good? And many other questions. Then she asked like this “why Rama didn’t still come to save me?

Is he believing only in God without putting efforts or is he only putting efforts without praying God?” Here Sita Mata is saying that to successfully complete any work, we need both Human efforts plus Gods blessings.

Most of us either completely believe in god without keepingefforts from our side or we completely believe in our efforts without believingin God.

You might have seen many people who believe in God a lot butthey don’t put efforts from their side. And when the work is not done theycomplain saying my fate is not good or my God didn’t help and all.

There are other type of people who put a lot of efforts butthey don’t believe in God so they will not be getting fruits equal to theirefforts.

So friends from now if you want to do some work, put all your efforts and at the same time worship God with 100 percent trust that he will help you in doing your work. Then you will complete your work and will enjoy the fruits of it for sure.

Go Extra mile - Ramayan Life Lessons

After Sugriva became the king of Kishkinda he called all the vanaras and sent them in search of Sita Mata. The task given by Rama and Sugriva to the vanaras is that they should find where Sita Mata is. Of all the vanaras it was Hanuman who went to Lanka and got the darshan of Sita Mata. With that, his task was completed and he was supposed to go back and inform Rama about it.

But Hanuman after seeing Sita Mata didn’t go back immediately. He talked with Sita Mata and gave courage to her. And Hanuman didn’t stop with it. He thought that he should know how powerful the rakshas are so that it will help them in the war which will happen in future. So Hanuman fought with them and killed lacs of Rakshas including one of the sons of Ravan. And also kept entire Lanka on fire.

If you observe Hanuman behavior, he has done more than whathe was supposed to do. In the same way, if we can also do more than what we aresupposed to do, we will get good results for sure.

For example, think there are 2 bicycle showrooms – A&B in the same street. Both sell the same company bicycles for the same cost. Showroom A gives 6 months free servicing but showroom B doesn’t give. In this case which showroom attracts customers more? Obviously, A. Because it is giving more service than it was supposed to do.

So from now whatever work you are doing try to do more thanwhat you are supposed to do. It might be in your job or business or in arelationship, you will for sure get good results.

Sixth Sense - Ramayan Life lessons

Initially, Hanuman searched entire Lanka, except Ashoka Vana. Finally, Hanuman saw Ashoka Vana and starts searching for Sita Mata in Ashoka Vana. Ashoka Vana was very beautiful with a lot of trees, mountains, and waterfalls. Hanuman kept searching for Sita Mata by jumping from one tree to another.

But when he reached Simsupa Vruksha (a kind of tree) he suddenly felt that Sita Mata might be somewhere near. So he stopped there and started looking by sitting on that tree. As he felt Sita Mata was near that Simsupa tree and Hanuman got the darshan of Sita Mata.

If you notice properly Hanuman has listened to his Sixth sense. Once he felt that Sita Mata might be nearby he believed his sixth sense and stopped on that tree and kept looking from there. If he might not have given importance to his sixth sense then he would have been moved from that place with the same speed with which he was moving. Then there are high chances that he might have missed seeing Sita Mata.

In the same way, our sixth sense will also keep guiding us. Itkeeps telling what is good, what is bad and how to proceed. Nowadays we becameso practical that we stopped listening to it. Because of this, we are missing atrue guide who can help us in making good decisions.

So from now listen to your sixth sense and believe in it. Itwill really guide you.

Organized Work - Ramayan Life Lessons

Initially while searching for Sita Mata, Hanuman searched inan unorganized way. Because of this, he searched some places again and again.Later he thought that he should search in an organized way. So that it willsave time and he will know what all the places he had searched and he hadsearched and what places are remaining.

In our life also if we work in an organized way it willreally help us. For example, think there is a big basket with 5 differentflowers (Rose, sun flower, marigold, Jasmine, Lilly) and you are supposed tomake a garland of each flower. So if you start preparing garland withoutseparating the flowers, it will take more time as you first have to pick theneeded flower from a mix of 5 different flowers. And there will be a change oferror as well.

So if you start preparing garland without separating the flowers, it will take more time. As you first have to pick the needed flower from a mix of 5 different flowers. If you do like this there will be a change of error as well.

But if you do the work in an organized way like first youseparate all the 5 flowers and the start garland preparation it will be easyfor you. In the same way, if you have work, first organize your work and divideit into small tasks and then do one by one so that you will have good trackingof what you are doing and at the same time work will become easy.

Give up depression - Ramayan Life Lessons

After crossing the ocean Hanuman searched a lot for Sita Mata in Lanka. But he was not able to find Sita Mata. As he was not able to find Sita Mata, Hanuman became depressed.

Then immediately he said to himself “why am I feeling like this, I should not be depressed. Depression will lead to more problems. Leaving depression will lead to successful completion of work. If human think he can’t do, then he will not be able to do anything. But if he thinks he can do, he will be able to do anything. So I will leave this depression and will again search for Sita Mata with more energy”

Most of us take a resolution and start working on it. After putting some efforts, if we don’t get the result. we will be depressed and stop putting efforts.

If our freedom fighter might have got depressed like this after their initial efforts, we would have not got freedom. They kept fighting until we got freedom. There will be some people, whatever work you say the first answer from their mouth will be “I can’t do it”. And obviously, they will not be able to do anything.

So friends from now don’t be depressed. Change your mindset from “I can’t do” to “I can do”.

Mindful Working - Ramayan Life Lessons

Hanuman after crossing the ocean thinks on how he should enter Lanka. Then Hanuman says to himself “work done with a half mind will be spoiled for sure. So I should be alert and careful else all my efforts of crossing the ocean will go waste”.

Nowadays what all work we are doing is with a half mind. On one side we will be doing some important work and on the other side we will be using mobile or we will be thinking of something else. If we continue like this there are high chances that error can happen. And sometimes this small errors or mistakes can cause big damage.

You might have experienced this in your life but you might not have noticed it. For example, you might have seen people who use mobile while driving. They keep half concentration on driving and another half on mobile. So there are high chances of doing error and you can imagine how a small error in driving can cause big damage.

So whatever work you do, do it with full concentration (mindful working). Don’t think of something else when you are working. If you really think that something else is more important than the work you’re doing, then stop working and think of it with full concentration

Use your Efforts wisely - Ramayan Life Lessons

When Hanuman was flying above the ocean to reach Lanka, once of the snake goddess called Surasa thought of testing Hanuman’s strength. So she has taken the form of big Rakshasi and came in front of Hanuman.

She told to Hanuman that he would be her food and asked Hanuman to enter her mouth. Hanuman told her that he was going on the work of Lord Shri Rama so he can’t stop and requested her to move away from this way.

Surasa told that Lord Brahma has given her a boon that noone can cross her without entering her mouth. Then Hanuman asked her to openher mouth wide so that he can enter her mouth. Surasa opened her mouth.

Then Hanuman made his body big. Seeing it Surasa also madeher body big and open her mouth wide. Like this Hanuman kept increasing thesize of his body and seeing him Surasa also increased the size of her body andmouth.

Suddenly in a moment, Hanuman became very small went inside her mouth and came out. Hanuman did it so quickly that Surasa didn’t understand what’s happening. After coming out Hanuman told her that as you told I have entered your mouth so now, please move from my way.

Pleased by this Surasa showed her real form to Hanuman and praised Hanuman’s intelligence and blessed him that he will become successful in his work.

If you notice when obstacle came, immediately Hanuman didn’tuse all his energy in fighting with her. He used his intelligence and removedthe obstacle with minimum effort. As Surasa told that she has a boon fromBrahma that once can cross her only after entering her mouth, Hanuman justentered her mouth and came out instead of fighting with her.

So in your life as well try to solve your problems or try tocomplete your work with less efforts by using intelligence, instead of puttingmore efforts without thinking. There is a famous saying that if some work canbe done with the help of needle don’t use a sword.

Success qualities - Ramayan Life Lessons

Kishkinda king Sugriva sent vanaras to the four directions to find Sita Mata. Under the leadership of Angada (son of Vali), some vanaras including hanuman went towards the south. As they were not able to find Sita Mata even after searching a lot, most of the vanaras became disappointed and sat in one place. Then Angada told below words to Vanaras

“To be successful one should have 4 things

1. Skill

2. Patience

3. Excitement towards work

4. Hope

So give up grief, we all once again start searching for SitaMata with more energy and we will find Sita Mata for sure”

Now let us learn more about the 4 qualities told by Angada

1. Skills: They will help us in doing the work with ease andin less time and with perfection. So always keep learning and improving yourskills which can help you to grow in the field you want.

2. Patience: No great work can be successfully completedwithout patience. The main difference between successful people and normalpeople is patience. Successful people keep trying until they achieve their goalbut normal people stop trying if they can’t get results after some efforts.

3. Excitement towards work: Generally we do work mainlybecause of 2 reasons.

     a. We work because someone asked us to work or we are supposed to do it for some reason

     b. We workbecause we like to do it or we have an interest in that work

You might have noticed some kids while playing games theywill involve so much that they even forget to eat food but the same kid willnot show interest while learning. So making a career in the field which you areinterested can help you in achieving success and if you are into something elsetry to make it exciting so that you will enjoy doing it because of which youwill get success

4. Hope: I can say Hope is as important as food and water tohuman. Without food and water we will not be able to live for more days. In thesame way, if there no hope of getting success, you will not be able to work forlong which will obviously result in failure

Make use of Experts - Ramayan life lessons

After Sugriva became king of Kishkinda, he ordered that all the vanaras in the world should come to kishkinda and should assemble in front of Rama. So all the vanaras came and assembled in front of Rama. Then Sugriva requested Rama to give instructions to the Vanaras so that they can start searching for Sita Mata as per his instructions.

Then Rama didn’t give instructions to Vanaras. He requested Sugriva to do because Sugriva had the experience of roaming all over the world and he has the knowledge of each and every place in the world. Then Sugriva gave directions to vanaras on what all places they should go and search for Sita Mata. He clearly explained to them how they should go, what all problems they might face in those places and many things.

In the same way, if we want to do some work, we should not try to do all the work by ourselves. We should always take help of people who are expert in that particular work. For example, think there is a very good doctor who had successfully did many surgeries and cured many people.

But if there is a problem to his car and if he tries to repair it by himself thinking that I have repaired many human beings why can’t I repair this car. Then he will not be able to repair his car and he can also make the problem worst. But if he goes to a car mechanic he will repair the car properly as he is an expert in repairing cars.

So friends from now when you want to do a work in which youare not expert, take the help of expert where ever possible

Dealing with Doubt - Ramayan Life lessons

Sugriva along with some of his ministers used to hide on rushyamuka parvath( mountain) to escape from his brother  Vali. When Sugriva saw Ram and Lakshman for the first time coming towards rushyamuka parvath, he thought his brother Vali might have sent them to kill him. So he was afraid by looking at them.

Then Sugriva called his ministers and told about it. Hanuman was one among those minsters. In fear Sugriva was walking here and there, thinking unnecessary things and kept looking in all directions thinking that they might attack him.

Hanuman saw all this behavior of Sugriva and told him likethis “Sugriva I don’t find any reason for you to be afraid. You are fearingunnecessarily, because of fear your brain is not working properly. Think with astable mind.  If you have doubt on those2 humans, we should try to know the truth. Instead of it if you start fearingthen it’s very bad”

These teachings of Hanuman are very much needed in thesedays. We became too sensitive and living in a world of fear. The funny thing isthere will not be a proper reason for our fear. If our beloved ones don’t pickthe call for an hour we will start thinking negative and we will be in tensiontill they call back.

I will tell one more example, most of you might have experienced it. When you are sleeping you might have heard some different sounds in the midnight. Since it will be dark you might not be able to recognize from where it’s coming and if you get afraid of the sound doubting it’s something bad, you will not be able to sleep properly.

But if you can clear your doubt by switching on the light, your fear will be gone and you can sleep happily. So friends from now if you have any doubt, don’t be afraid unnecessarily. Try to know the truth, so that your doubt will be clarified and you will be at peace.

Having an Advisor - Ramayan Life Lessons

While Rama was going to vanavasa, his brother Bharata was not in Ayodhya. So later when Bharata came back to Ayodhya he comes to know that Rama went to Vanavasa. So Bharata along with his mothers, guru’s, ministers and people will go to the forest to find Rama and to request him to come back to Ayodhya.

Finally, Bharata will meet Rama. In that context, Rama will teach Bharat about Rajaneethi.  From that Rajaneethi which Rama has told, now we will learn about having an Advisor

Rama told “Bharata if needed you can leave 1000 foolish people but always try to keep at least one intelligent and wise person as advisor. Because this intelligent and wise person will help you when you are in a problem. It’s always better to have one minister who is intelligent, wise and dharmic than having 10 ministers who are foolish”.

If you observe most of the great people will have wise and intelligent people behind them. You can check successful people from any field, you will find that he will be having intelligent advisors and intelligent people working for him.

So you might be a businessman or politician or manager in the office or farmer or whatever you might be, always try to have at least one wise and intelligent person.

Work Prioritization - Ramayan life lessons

While Rama was going to vanavasa, his brother Bharata was not in Ayodhya. So later when Bharata came back to Ayodhya he comes to know that Rama went to Vanavasa. So Bharata along with his mothers, guru’s, ministers and people will go to the forest to find Rama and to request him to come back to Ayodhya.

Finally, Bharata will meet Rama. In that context, Rama will teach Bharat about Rajaneethi.  From that Rajaneethi which Rama has told, now we will learn what kind of work we should focus on.

Rama told “Bharata you always give first priority to thework which can give big results with fewer efforts. And you should not delay indoing that kind of works”

I will give one example so that you can understand it in more detail. You might have written many exams in your school and college life. Each subject will be divided into chapters.

Generally in examination questions will be given in such a way that each chapter should contain certain weightage of marks based on the importance of the chapter.

If there are 10 chapters, in that there might be a chapter which will be very small, easy and important compared to other. So this small chapter can give you 10% of marks or in some cases more. There will be some chapters which are very big and difficult to study but can give you the same 10% marks.

So as per Rama, we should first prepare that small chapterswhich are easy and can give more marks and after completing them we should goto other chapters.

You might have seen people who study hard but will not beable to secure more marks. These are the people who start their preparationwith very difficult and big chapters but having marks weightage same as otherchapters.

And at the same time, you might have seen people who study for very less time but still will be able to get good marks. These are the people who give more importance to chapters which are easy and at the same time can give a good amount of marks. This principle is applicable in all the phases of life.

You might have noticed people who work hard but will earn less.It’s because they do works which are difficult but can give fewer profits. Atthe same time, you might have seen people who work very less but still will beable to earn more. It’s because these people will do works which are easy andmore profitable.

So friends from now always give more importance to workswhich can give more profits with fewer efforts and try to do them immediately.

Decision Taking - Ramayan Life Lessons

While Rama was going to vanavasa, his brother Bharata was not in Ayodhya. So later when Bharata came back to Ayodhya he comes to know that Rama went to Vanavasa. So Bharata along with his mothers, guru’s, ministers and people will go to the forest to find Rama and request him to come back to Ayodhya.

Finally, Bharata will meet Rama. In that context, Rama will teach Bharat about Rajaneethi.  From that Rajaneethi which Rama has told, we learn how to make decisions.

Rama told to Bharata that“while taking a decision, don’t take it alone and at the same time don’tdiscuss with too many people. Discuss with few people who are wise and on whomyou can believe”

Now we will understand it in a bitdetail. When we want to make an important decision and if we try to take thedecision on our own then we may not be able to take the correct decision.Because we will be looking at the situation from only our point of view and wemight also have a prefixed mind because of which we may not be able to take thecorrect decision.

For example, think that you want to buy your first car. while taking a decision on which car you should buy generally you may give more preference to a car which you liked after seeing it on road or in some movie. Then you might think of the cost, EMI, mileage & specifications.

But based on that if you want to take the decision of buying the car, you might not be taking the correct decision. But if you discuss it with people who have knowledge about it and on whom you can believe, they will tell you more points which you might not know or you are not able to think of.

For example, they can say that you should take care of resale value, availability of spare parts or service stations etc. so if you have not discussed with them, you might have missed those points.

And if you discuss with more people then also it will be difficult. Because too many views will spoil the work because when many people are involved many suggestions will come which might not be that important and you will be confused on which one to concentrate and discussing too much is also a waste of time.

And moreover if it’s some confidential matter, if you discuss with more people it might get leaked and someone else can take advantage of it.

So friends from now, when you wantto take an important decision, don’t take it alone. Discuss with few people whoare wise and on whom you can believe.

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