Sunday, January 13, 2019

Having an Advisor - Ramayan Life Lessons

While Rama was going to vanavasa, his brother Bharata was not in Ayodhya. So later when Bharata came back to Ayodhya he comes to know that Rama went to Vanavasa. So Bharata along with his mothers, guru’s, ministers and people will go to the forest to find Rama and to request him to come back to Ayodhya.

Finally, Bharata will meet Rama. In that context, Rama will teach Bharat about Rajaneethi.  From that Rajaneethi which Rama has told, now we will learn about having an Advisor

Rama told “Bharata if needed you can leave 1000 foolish people but always try to keep at least one intelligent and wise person as advisor. Because this intelligent and wise person will help you when you are in a problem. It’s always better to have one minister who is intelligent, wise and dharmic than having 10 ministers who are foolish”.

If you observe most of the great people will have wise and intelligent people behind them. You can check successful people from any field, you will find that he will be having intelligent advisors and intelligent people working for him.

So you might be a businessman or politician or manager in the office or farmer or whatever you might be, always try to have at least one wise and intelligent person.

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