Tuesday, May 11, 2021

Digital Detox - An experience you should try for sure

In this current generation, we cannot imagine a life without technology. Right from the time, we wake up to the time we sleep, and even while sleeping we are dependent on technology in one or another way. With the help of technology, we are able to do many things with less effort and there is an increase in comfort level as well.

This is one side of the coin, but on the other side, it has made us mentally and physically weak. Many people are happy with technology but somewhere inside everyone is fed up with it. Most of the people want a temporary break where they want to go to a remote place where there will be no technology and wanted to stay there peacefully for some time. I think you might also have the same thought if I am not wrong. But how often we can go to such places? So is there any alternative? Yes… Digital detox or technology detox.
Now let us learn how to do it. Most people consider avoiding mobile as digital detox but let us go beyond to experience more.
First, select a day on the weekend or any other day when you will be free. And a family can do it together it will be more fun. A day before doing this activity, you can inform your close ones that you will not be available for a day. So that they don’t feel worried if your phone is switched off.
On the day of detox, early morning after you wake up switch off your phone, off all electrical devices like fans, AC, lights, etc. And you should not use them till the next day morning.
Hmm…I know you might be thinking I am crazy but believe me you will love the experience.
[ Note: Take care of water supply and you can use electricity for it else it will be a problem ]

Digital detox
Digital detox

OK, you have turned off your phone and all other electrical devices, now what to do? You Can do many things which you don’t do on a normal day. Most of the days we bathe in hurry, that day take your time and do a satisfying bath.
If you like reading books you can read one or you can do any activity you like or you can spend quality time with your family by playing some indoor or outdoor games. You can cook your favorite dish and can enjoy it. And at night you can sleep early which most people forgot to do nowadays. You might be thinking that avoiding mobile and TV is OK but how difficult it is to stay without a fan and AC? Yeah, I understand it is difficult but you can make use of windows and you can use hand fans.
At night use oil lamps instead of lights. It will be a different experience and you will like it.
So what are the benefits you will get if you do it? Hmm, I don’t want to mention any benefits. I  want you to try and share your experience and how beneficial you felt (in the comment section). But I can say for sure you will get a relaxing experience. You will not listen to any unwanted or negative information as you don’t use TV and social media, you will get from relief the spam, or time pass calls and your body will get in sync with nature as we are not giving it any artificial luxury.

And one special thing is you will get time to think and talk to yourself. By doing this, you will get more clarity about your life, what you need and will help you in understanding yourself more. If you understand the entire world but can’t understand yourself then there will not be any meaning to your life and you can never be happy.

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If you like the experience you can keep doing it once a month or more as you like. And there are no hard and fast rules, you can modify the detox plan as per your situation but try to avoid electric gadgets as much as possible. Hope you will try and enjoy the experience.

Saturday, May 8, 2021

know this Weight loss story if you want to lose weight

There were two people Tinku and Minku. One fine day, they have realized that their weight was more than normal and decided that they should reduce their weight.

Minku was more serious about his weight reduction and wanted to become thin as soon as possible. So initially Minku skipped his meals and reduced intake of food as much as possible. In a week he reduced almost 1.5kg, but he started feeling weak, and his craving for food
Increased. He felt happy that he reduced his weight by 1.5kg, but he was not able to continue after one and a half weeks. Again he started eating normally and after two more weeks, he again gained weight.

Then he thought, it will not work like this, I should do something new. Then he started eating only vegetables and fruits. It was very effective but he was not able to continue it. After discontinuing he again gained weight.
Like this, he tried different ways but he was not able to continue them. So in 6 months, he was not able to effectively reduce any weight.

Minku weight loss journey
Minku weight loss journey

Tinku on other hand wanted to make changes which he can follow without much difficulty. He decided to follow only two things
1. 15 minutes work out morning and evening
2. Eating not more than 70% of his capacity

After doing this for one week he didn’t find any big change in his weight. But by doing the above two he used to feel active and good. So he continued doing it even though he didn’t get much improvement. After a month his weight reduced by 1.5kg. As doing the above two, is not very difficult, he was able to continue them for a long and they became a part of his life.
After 6 months he was able to reduce 7kg weight and he also became fit and active and he is still continuing it.

Tinku weight loss story
Tinku weight loss story

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But Minku even after trying so many things was not able to get any permanent results.
If you are also trying to reduce your weight, try to follow the things which can become a part of your daily routine and which can be followed forever so that you will also get permanent results.

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