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How Love addiction can screw your life - Ramayan life lessons

How getting addicted to love or infatuation can screw your life and career

How many of you know that if we can’t handle love or infatuation properly, we will get trapped and will screw our life and career? It happens in most of the people’s life but we will not be able to recognize how much we will be harming ourselves. We will understand more about this by knowing an incident from ramayan.

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Once sage vishwamitra started doing tapasya to become brahmarshi. To disturb his tapasya lord indra sent an apsarasa called Menaka, to disturb him. So she came to the place where vishwamitra was doing tapasya and started roaming there to get his attention. One fine day vishwamitra saw her and got attracted to her beauty.

Then vishwamitra went to her and asked her to stay in his ashramam for which menaka agreed.

Vishwa mitra - love addiction can screw your life
Vishwa mitra – love addiction can screw your life

In thinking and spending time with menaka, vishwamitra forgot about his tapasya and his goal of becoming brahmarshi. Like this vishwamitra spend 10 years. In the mean time vishwamitra lossed all the thaposhakti which he has earned earlier. Then one fine day he realized his mistake and regretted for wasting time and losing his taposhakti.

After that he again went to Himalayas to do tapasya and finally became brahmarshi.

This kind of situation comes in most of the people’s life and by the time we realize it, we might have under gone lot of pain and loosed many opportunities and time. Most of the people when they start loving or liking someone, they will forget everything and starts thinking 24*7 about the person they love.

Their thinking will be like this

“Does he/she like me or not?

What if he/she don’t like

What I should do to impress him/her……”

And this will not stop with a day or two. It will go on for years. All this years he/she will not be doing their work with 100% efficiency, they will undergo lot of pain because of over thinking and will also loss many good opportunities of life.

love addiction
love addiction

But if you can handle it properly you will not screw your life and career.

First understand this basic principle. You have not come on to this earth only to love a person. You are here to do many other things as well. So if you love someone its ok, act in the correct time and if the person you love and if both families are ok, your wish will be fulfilled. But in the name of love stop thinking 24*7 and spending too much time for the person whom you love.

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For example if you want to go to a restaurant for dinner. You will not be thinking about what to eat, how it will taste and all from morning right?

So friends if this kind of situation comes in your life, you can act wisely in correct time to get the love. But don’t screw your career and life by spending too much time and over thinking.

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