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organic lifestyle: Know how to live Naturally

Whenever we hear the word ‘organic lifestyle’ we mostly think of organic food. But it’s more than just organic food. An organic lifestyle means living life as we are supposed to, in sync with nature.

As a spider gets stuck in its own web, humans got stuck in the web of their own inventions and unnatural ways of living. Let us understand more about it by knowing about Tinku.

Tinku is 25 years old young man working in an MNC. Tinku gets paid well, so he lives in a luxurious flat with all facilities including AC.  Every morning Tinku wakes up at 8 am. Immediately after getting up Tinku opens his mobile and checks if he got any messages/emails. Then he opens Facebook and checks his Facebook feed for some time and then he checks the news and random stuff.


Like this, he spends almost 30 min in bed looking at his mobile phone. Then he realizes that he is getting late, so he freshens himself up quickly and starts eating his breakfast. He eats with one hand while using his mobile in the other.


Then he starts to his office in a car. While driving he calls one of his friends and keeps talking while driving. In between when he stops near a traffic signal he opens his mobile to check if he has got any notifications.

Then he reaches his centralized AC office where he spends 9-10 hours. After office, he starts back home in the car and reaches home by around 9 PM. He freshens up and has dinner by 10 PM. From 10 PM on he would be on his mobile checking WhatsApp, Facebook feed, random videos till late at night.


Tinku will continue the same routine for years and later he starts feeling life is shit. Due to these feelings, he will get health issues, and slowly he will go into depression. And for the rest of this life, he will live like a dead person.


Now let’s understand why Tinku who is supposed to live a happy life, got into a situation where he is suffering from diseases, depression, and living a life that does not have life in it.

If we notice Tinku is spending most of his time in AC, his physical activity is almost zero, he doesn’t spend time in the sunlight, he is spending more than 5 hours on mobile and 7-8 hours on a laptop. In a general sense, we might think about what’s wrong with it. But if we see in detail we will understand the harm he is doing to himself.

Spending most of the time in AC along with improper maintenance of AC can cause problems like




-dry and itchy skin


-increased respiratory problems


– Allergies



-reduced immunity level

Moreover, we will not be able to experience fresh natural air which is very much needed for the body.

Problems of not getting exposed to sun light

Staying indoors and not getting exposed to sunlight will also have a bad effect on our bodies. If we are not getting exposed to sunlight, we will not get Vitamin D which is important and we can hardly get this Vitamin D in any food or supplement. This Vitamin D has many benefits like-

-It promotes calcium absorption

-Improvesimmunity power

-Sunlight directly stimulates the production of endorphins in the body which will reduce stress and anxiety; there is no need to say that stress and anxiety are the root cause of many diseases

-Spendingtime in sunlight especially in the early morning will keep depression far fromus

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Problems we might face because of inactive lifestyle or if we are not doing any physical activity

-We willburn fewer calories because of which we will gain weight

-We mayloss muscle strength and endurance as we are not using our muscles

-Bones willget weak

-Metabolismwill be affected and our body will have trouble breaking down fats and sugars

-Immunesystem may not work well

-Poor bloodcirculation



Because ofthe above mentioned you might get below health issues


-Heart Diseases

-High blood pressure

-High cholesterol

-Metabolic syndrome

-Type 2 diabetics

-Certain cancers

-Increased levels of depression and anxiety

Bad effects of more screen time like using mobile, laptop, television etc.

-Risk ofweight gain



-Seeingmobile while eating will develop bad eating habits

-Strainedand dry eyes, blurred vision and headaches

-Poorposture when using screens can cause chronic neck, shoulder and back pain

-Sleeping issues, blue light from digital devices suppresses sleep-promoting hormone melatonin because of which we will not have a restful sleep

-will reduce the ability of an individual to perform various mental activities especially learning and problems solving activities

Seeing random videos, social media and unwanted news will have more impact compared to doing some work on mobile or laptop. Because while doing work we will be using our mind but while seeing random videos, news, social media feeds we will not be using brain activity much because of which thinking, though processing and imagination power will reduce. And seeing negative or violent posts, news and videos will develop negative emotions which will disturb your mind and health.

Spending a lot of time seeing random things can disturb your personal and social life. Moreover, if we are addicted we will be using the mobile whenever we are free, because of which we will not be able to think about ourselves and we might not be able to think of future planning. If we are not able to think of ourselves and the future, there will not be any growth in spiritual life or prosperity-making.

Now youunderstand how Tinku spoiled his life? There are many ‘Tinkus’ among us. If wecan’t take proper action we will also suffer like Tinku.

There is an urgent need for us to live the organic way of life so that we will be healthy and happy. It might not be possible for all, to completely live an organic lifestyle. But if we can follow a few things we can still be happy and healthy. So now let us know the things we are supposed to do so that we can also live the organic way of life and enjoy its benefits

Organic lifestyle – things to follow

-Instead of spending 30 min the early morning with a smartphone, if we can go out and do some exercise/games/Surya namaskar/yoga- we enjoy the sunrise, which will refresh us, and we can get the benefits of getting exposed to the sun rays and also we will burn calories which will keep us fit and strong


-Stop using smartphones while eating so that eating habits will be improved like we will eat the right quantity and chew food properly which is very important for good health.

-Stop using your mobile phone 2 hours or a minimum 1 hour before sleeping so that you will sleep peacefully because of which your body will be re-energized

-You might not be able to avoid AC in office but try to avoid or reduce AC usage at home

-In-office you can’t avoid using a laptop or computer but try to take small breaks in between and try to reduce mobile as much as possible

-In office keep drinking water as you will be dehydrated because of AC

-Make a habit of evening walk or exercise or try to play some physical game


-Spend a minimum of 1 hour and maximum unlimited with your family and friends (only good friends- please note this point)


-Spend some time doing what you really love. It might be reading a book, learning a new skill which you like or visiting a temple, etc. If you can’t spend time daily, at least do it on weekends. This will make you happy and satisfied.


If we can make these small changes in life wewill be active, fit & strong, healthy and happy.

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So friends hope you will follow this organicway of live and lead a happy and healthy life.

Thank you

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