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Is Ravan really great? Know about Ravan

Hello, friends I have seen many people who say that Ravan is great, the only mistake done by him is to kidnap Sita Mata and some say that even though he has kidnapped Sita Mata he didn’t touch her and some people try to say he is a good person than Rama. But what is the truth? Is Ravana really great or is it propaganda to confuse Hindus? want to know the reality? continue reading

Ravan was a great devotee of Lord Shiva. He performed great Tapasya for Lord Shiva and Brahma. But with the power of Boons which he has got, he started harassing everyone. Once his head weight went to peaks and he disrespected Lord shiva as well ( Lord shiva also taught him a lesson for this).

ravana - is ravan really great
ravana – is ravan really great?

He learned the Vedas and he knows many dharmas but he never followed dharma which became the ultimate reason for his death. So now let us know the truth about some misconceptions that are being spread

1. Kidnapping Sita Mata is the only mistake done by Ravan?

No. If Ravan sees any beautiful woman, then he used to kidnap her by killing the family members of the woman. Even though the innocents cry and beg him to release them, he never listened to them. Like this, he has kidnapped 1000’s women. He didn’t use to care whether the woman is single or married, if he found someone beautiful then he used to kidnap them for his pleasure.

2. Why Ravan didn’t dare to force Sita Mata after taking her to lanka ?

Even after kidnapping 1000’s women, Ravan’s lust didn’t die. Once he saw an Apsarasa named Rambha. After seeing her Ravan tried to touch her. Then the Apsarasa pleaded with him not to touch her. She also told that she was in love with his son, Nalakubera (Nalakubera was the son of Kubera and Kubera is the brother of Ravana. So Nalakubera will be like a son to Ravana) so she is like a daughter in law to him. But he didn’t let her go. He violated and raped her.

After that, she went to Nalakubera and stood in front of him with tears in her eyes and narrated to him the entire episode. The enraged Nalakubera gave a curse to Ravana that ” From now if Ravan tries to force any women his head will be broken into 1000 pieces “. Ravana was shaken for the first time in his entire lifetime because of this curse and from then he never tried to force any women. This is the reason why he didn’t try to force Sita Mata after taking her to Lanka.

3. Did anyone defeat Ravan before Rama?

Yes. He was defeated twice before he was defeated by Rama.

By Vali

Once Ravan, having heard of the greatness of Vali, went to Kishkindha to fight with Vali. But he came to know that Vali went to the seashore to perform SandhyaVandan. Then he went to the place where Vali was performing sandhyavandanam. He mischievously wanted to grab Vali in his arms from behind.

But Vali noted him coming from the back and was quick enough to take Ravan’s head into his armpit. Holding him in this position Vali flown to 4 oceans, performed sandhyavandhana in all four places, and finally reached Kishkinda. After reaching Kishkindha Vali released Ravan. Surprised by the power of Vali, Ravana accepted his mistake, praised Vali, and Made friendship with him

By kartavirya arjuna

Kartavirya Arjuna was the king of the Mahishmati kingdom and was a great devotee of Lord Dattatreya. He used to have a thousand hands. Once Ravana went to capture his kingdom. At that time Kartyavirya Arjun was having a bath in the river Narmada with his wives.

Ravan went there and a furious fight took place between Ravan and kartyavirya arjuna. Finally, kartavirya arjuna defeated Ravana and kept him in prison. Then at the request of Pulastya (grandfather of Ravan) kartavirya arjuna released Ravan.

Friends, now you know the reality. Please spread this and stop the misconceptions which are being spread to confuse Hindus.

Thanks for reading


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King Bhagiratha - Try Bhagiratha style to become successful

Success: This is the word everyone wants to listen to in their life. Most of us want to know the answer to this simple question “how can I achieve success.” So everyone wants success, but how many of us are able to achieve success? only a few people are able to achieve success, so what are the fundas (basic fundamental principles ) followed by people who are successful ? by knowing which everyone can achieve success?

Let us know these fundas by knowing about the success story of Bhagiratha (who was successful in bringing  Ganga to earth). First let us know about Bhagiratha, why, and how he brought Ganga from swarga to earth. This is famously known as Bagiratha prayatna or Gangavataran Katha/story

Ashwamedha Yagna by King Sagara

Once King Sagara of Suryavamsham (forefather of Lord Shri Rama) started Ashwamedha Yagna and released the Yagna Ashwam (Ghoda or Horse). This horse is supposed to go throughout the world and should finally reach the place where the yagna(yagam) is being performed. Then the yagna will be considered as completed.

So when the yagna Ashwam was going across the world Lord Indra came in disguise and hijacked the horse. Then King Sagara ordered his 60000 sons to search for the horse and told them to bring the horse at any cost. This 60000 sons of King Sagara searched the entire earth but they were not able to find the horse. Then they started digging the earth and went to Pathal

Lord Indra who has taken the horse has tied it near Kapila muni(Maharshi), who was doing penance in Pathal. This 60000 sons of  Sagara searched in Pathal and finally came to the place where Kapila muni was performing penance and saw the horse nearby him.

Kapila muni’s thapo Shakthi killing the sons of Sagara

Since the horse was tied nearby Kapila muni the sons of Sagara thought that it was Kapila muni who has stolen the horse. And started moving towards him with an intention to harm. Kapila muni observed this and saw them with anger. Because of the Thaposhakthi of Kapila muni all the 60000 sons of Sagara turned into ashes.

Since his sons didn’t return even after many days king Sagara sent his grandson, Amshuman. Amshuman started the search for that horse and he finally reached the place where 60000 sons of Sagara became ashes. He also saw the horse there.

Then Amshuman became very sad and started searching for water, to perform Jaltharpan (to mix ashes with water) so that the sons of Sagara will get salvation. Then Lord garuda came there and told to Amshuman that Jaltharpan to them should be performed with Gangajal (meaning: ganga water) otherwise they will not get salvation as they are turned into ashes by the taposhakthi of Kapila Muni.

Garuda advised Amshuman to take the horse with the permission of Kapila muni and complete the Ashwamedha Yagna first. Then Amshuman with the permission of Kapilamuni taken the horseback and told his grandfather all the story that has happened. Then they completed the Ashwamedha Yagna.

Efforts to bring Ganga

After the Ashwamedha Yagna was completed King Sagara tried to bring Ganga so that his sons will get salvation. But he was not successful. Then Amshuman and his son Dileepa also tried but they were not successful. Then came Bhagiratha, the son of King Dileepa.

Bhagiratha Prayatna to bring Ganga

Bhagiratha after coming to know about his forefathers decided that he has to bring Ganga from Swarga. He met some of his Gurus and taken their advice on how to bring Ganga. After this Bhagiratha decided to do Tapasya, so he advised his ministers to take care of the kingdom in his absence. Bhagiratha left all the luxuries and went to the forest to do Tapasya.

1000 years Tapasya for Lord Brahma

Bhagiratha did Tapasya for Lord Brahma for 1000 years. During these 1000 years, he used to eat only once a month. He used to perform Panchagni hotra Tapasya( Doing tapasya by keeping the fire in all directions and seeing the sun directly). He used to stand on one leg with both hands raised. Pleased by his Tapasya Lord Brahma gave him darshan and asked to tell his wish.

Bhagiratha told to Lord Brahma that he wanted Ganga to come on to the earth so that his forefathers will get salvation. Then Lord Brahma told that the earth can’t sustain if the Ganga falls directly from swarga to earth. so there should be someone who can catch Ganga before it reaches the earth and also told that only lord shiva can do this.

So Brahma advised Bhagiratha to perform Tapasya for Lord shiva and if Lord shiva agrees to catch Ganga, then Ganga will flow from swarga to earth.

1 year Gora Tapasya for Lord Shiva

Then Bhagiratha started Tapasya for lord shiva. He did Gora Tapasya for 1 year by standing on his toe with his hands raised. He stopped eating and he didn’t even move for 1 year. Pleased by his Gora Tapasya Lord shiva gave him darshan in only one year and agreed to catch Ganga. So lord shiva released his Jatajuta (long hair) and asked Ganga to fall on his head.

Then Ganga started flowing from swarga with an attitude that Lord Shiva can’t withstand her flow. Lord shiva observed the attitude of Ganga and didn’t let even one drop of Ganga come out of his jatajuta. Like that Ganga flowed for years but not even one drop of water came onto the earth. After this Ganga understood the greatness of Lord shiva.

Ganga flowing from swarga
Ganga flowing from swarga

The arrival of Ganga onto the earth

Seeing this Bhagiratha again started Tapasya for Lord shiva. Because of his Tapasya Lord shiva again gave darshan and agreed to release Ganga from his Jatajutam onto the earth. After falling onto the earth Ganga was divided into 7 streams out of which 3 flowed towards the east, 3 towards west, and 1 stream followed Bhagiratha.

While Bhagiratha was going on Chariot towards the ashes of his forefathers, river Ganga followed him. On the way, river Ganga flooded Jahnu Maharshi  ashram. Angered by this Jahnu Maharishi drank all the Ganga. Then Bhagiratha came to Jahnu Maharishi and requested him to release Ganga.

Pleased by his request jahnu Maharshi released Ganga from his ear(because of this Ganga is also called Jahnavi). Then again Ganga followed Bhagiratha.

Finally, Bhagiratha reached the place where his forefather’s ashes are located and Ganga flowed through the ashes. Because of this, all the 60000 sons of Sagara got salvation. with this king Bhagiratha achieved his goal and also did a great help to all humans by bringing Ganga onto the earth.

So what are the fundas followed by Bhagiratha that we can also follow to achieve success in our life?

8 steps to achieve success

steps to achieve success bhagiratha way
steps to achieve success bhagiratha way

1. Make your Goal clear (goal setting)

Bhagiratha first made himself clear that he should bring Ganga from Swarga to earth so that his forefathers will get salvation.

About 95% of us are not clear with our goals. our goals change day by day. So first be clear with your goals. Fixing goal is key to success. If you have more than 1 goal give them an order and go one by one. you can write the list of goals you want to achieve on a paper and can stick it in the place where it will be visible to you. The benefit of this is that whenever you see this paper brain will be triggered.

2. Learn how to Achieve the Goal

Bhagiratha after deciding his goal went to his gurus and took their suggestions. He learned that he can achieve his goal by doing Tapasya.

So once we have decided on our goal we should do a little bit of research on how to achieve that goal. We should make a clear road map (strategy) to achieve our goal.

3. Come out of your comfort zone

Bhagiratha after deciding to go for Tapasya he left all his Luxuries and went to the forest.

once you are clear with your goal and how to achieve it, you should be ready to come out of your comfort zone. Generally, when you want to achieve something great, you have to hard work. So if you want to achieve success be ready to put more effort.

4. Have Faith in your efforts

Doing Tapasya is not a small thing and there is no guarantee that if you do tapasya for this many years you will get darshan of the Lord. One should do Tapasya till God is pleased. It might take 1 year, 100 years, 1000 years, or more than that.

so before starting Tapasya Bhagiratha has 100% faith that he will be able to please God with his efforts and this faith has not changed even after more than 1000 years of Tapasya. Bhagiratha always had faith in his efforts.

Most of us don’t work with 100% faith. we generally go with an attitude that “Let us try if we get success ok else give up”. But if you want to achieve your goal you should have faith in yourself that you will achieve your goal. Keep in mind Swami Vivekananda’s quote “Arise awake and stop not till the goal is reached”.

5. Control of Indriyas / Disciplined Lifestyle

Bhagiratha has controlled his indriyas in such a way that initially he used to eat only once a month and while doing Tapasya to lord shiva he didn’t eat anything and stood without moving.

A disciplined lifestyle is a must to achieve your goal. The way we live and the food we eat will have a direct impact on the way our body and mind works. So if you want to achieve your goal follow a disciplined lifestyle such that your body and brain cooperate with you, to concentrate on your goal.

6. Persistence: Continuous efforts till the goal is achieved

Bhagiratha first did 1000 years of Tapasya for Lord Brahma but his wish didn’t come true. Then again he did penance for lord shiva, once again his wish didn’t come true. And again he did Tapasya to Lord shiva. So finally Ganga came on to the earth but before Ganga flowed over the ashes of his forefathers Jahnu maharishi drank all the Ganga. So bhagiratha again prayed to him and finally achieved success.

If you observe bhagiratha, he didn’t achieve success in his first attempt. But he didn’t stop his efforts until he achieved success. Most of us will be disappointed and stop putting efforts if we didn’t achieve success in our first attempt. But most of the great works are done only with continuous efforts. So don’t stop your efforts until you reach your goal.

7. Improve with Experience

Bhagiratha has taken 1000 years to get the darshan of lord Brahma but the same bhagiratha has improved himself and did ugra Tapasya and got darshan of lord shiva in only one year.

So we should also learn to improve ourselves from our experience. To do some work for the first time we might have to put more effort but we have to learn and improve from it and should be able to perform the next task with ease and in less time.

8. Don’t complain and maintain your cool

Bhagiratha got many obstacles in achieving his goal. Firstly when Bhagiratha performed Tapasya for 1000 years for Lord Brahma, Lord Brahma didn’t make his wish come true completely. Then after doing ugra Tapasya for Lord shiva, Lord shiva didn’t release Ganga onto the earth, finally, when Ganga came on to the earth again Jahnu maharishi drank the Ganga.

If you observe bhagiratha never complained about anyone even after facing so many obstacles. He always did what he can do from his side.

Most of us always complain or find reasons to hide our inefficiencies. If we observe successful people they never complain or give reasons to hide their inefficiencies. They always do what they can do, to get out of an issue. So stop complaining and try to put the effort from your side to solve the problem.

So friends follow these fundas and Achieve success Bagiratha way

Thanks for reading.

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Important Theerthams in Tirumala Tirupati you should visit without fail

Important Theerthams in Tirumala Tirupati

Places visited : Bedi Anajaneyaswamy temple, Srivari padalu, Shilathoranam, Chakra theertham, Srivenugopalaswami temple, Akasha ganga theertham, Papavinashanam theertham

Tirumala Tirupati. On day 4 we first went to Bedi Anjaneyaswami temple which is exactly opposite to Shri Tirumala Venkateshwara Swamy temple. Below you can see the Tirumala Tirupati tour plan day 4 route map

Tirumala tirupati tour plan 4 image
Tirumala tirupati tour plan 4 image

Bedi Anjaneyaswami Temple

Story/history/legend: During his childhood once lord Hanuman wanted to leave Tirumala in search of a camel. This forced his mother Anjanadevi to tie his hands with cuffs in this place. Hence the idol of Lord Hanuman in this temple will be seen in a unique form where both his hand were handcuffed.(Bedi means Cuffs).

After the darshan of Hanumanji, we sat in front of the temple and spent some time taking photos. Then we did some shopping in the nearby stalls and went to Sri Vengamamba Annadana Satram which is nearby, to have lunch.

Vengamamba Satram is very big and neat. Food is also very tasty and I suggest every one to visit this place and have free food after the darshan of Lord shri Venkateshwara Swamy(balaji). After having lunch in Vengamamba annadana satram we moved on to the road where we will get shared cars and jeep , which will take you to 6 important & famous places nearby Tirumala and drop you back in the same place. They will charge per head.

First, we went to Srivari padalu. Distance between Tirupati Venkateshwara Swamy temple to srivari padalu is around 6km

Bedi_Anjaneya_Temple Tirumala Tirupati image
Bedi_Anjaneya_Temple Tirumala Tirupati image

Srivari Padamulu

Legend/story/history: It is the place where Lord Vishnu first kept his feet on the earth as Venkateshwara. Footprint is available here and you can have a darshan of it. The scenery of this place is very beautiful with tall trees around. Then we went to Shilathoranam and Chakratheertam. Distance from srivari padalu to chakratheertam is 3 km and from Tirumala Venkateshwara Swamy temple it is around 2.3 km. Below you can see an image/picture of srivari padalu

Srivari_Padalu tirumala tirupati image
Srivari_Padalu tirumala tirupati image


During excavations in 1980, a very rare phenomenon of 2 different sets of rocks connected together in the form of a thin link was found. They are formed naturally. Shilathoranam is believed to be 2500 million years old. we saw Shilathoranam and clicked some pics in front of it.

There is also a bird sanctuary and a garden beside it where you can find different types of birds. If we walk a bit ahead we will reach Chakra theertham . Below you can see the image/picture of shilathoranam

shilathoranam Tirumala tirupati image
shilathoranam Tirumala tirupati image

Chakra Theertham

Once lord Brahma wanted to perform penance so he visited lord Vishnu and asked him to show a perfect place to perform penance. Then lord Vishnu plunged the Sudarshana Chakram which reached this place and stopped here. So it is called Chakra Theertham. The water body here will remove the sins of people who take a dip in it.

We have taken a dip in chakra theertham and also got darshan of swayambhu shivalingam which is located there. Then we went to Shri venugopalaswamy temple. Distance between chakra theertham and venugopalaswamy temple is 5.1km

way to chakra theertham - Important Theerthams in Tirumala tirupati
way to chakra theertham image

Shri Venugopalaswamy temple

The specialty of this temple is that along with the darshan of venugopalaswamy you can see the Jeevasamadi of Hathiram Babaji (A great devotee of Lord Vishnu). After having darshan we went to Akasha Ganga theertham. Distance between venugopalaswamy temple and akasha ganga theertham is 1.1 km.

Akasha Ganga Theertham

Here the holy water will come out as a natural stream from the hills. It is believed that Akasha Ganga originates from the lotus feet of the main deity Shri Venkateshwara Swamy. This sacred water is used for Shri Venkateshwaraswamy daily Abhishekam. Once God himself self told a priest to use this water for his Abhishekam. Here there is also a temple(mandir) of mata Anjanadevi (Mother of Lord Hanuman).

It is also believed that this is the place where Mata Anjanadevi performed penance and got Hanuman as Son. A dip in this theertham will remove the sins of devotees. This place is very beautiful with waterfalls and the water will be so pure that you can clearly see the bottom surface. We spent some time in the water and started for Papavinashanam.

The distance from Akasha Ganga to papavinashanam is 1.9 km. Below you can see the image/picture of Akasha Ganga theertham.

akasha ganga Important theerthams in tirumala tirupati
akasha ganga tirumala tirupati image

Papavinashanam Theertham

Papa means sin and Vinashanam means destroyer. So Papavinashanam means destroyer of sins. The water in papavinashanam will remove the sins of devotees. This is a natural waterfall but the water is arranged to flow from the outlet channels for the convenience of the pilgrims. After having a bath you can have the darshan of Ganga mata.

Papavinasanam Tirumala Tirupati image
Papavinasanam Tirumala Tirupati image

After completing the darshan of Ganga Mata we started back to madavabhavan. It has taken around 4 hours for us to visit all six places. When you are going to visit these places please carry extra clothes as your clothes will become wet after having a dip in the Holy theerthams. We reached Madhav Bhavan around 5 pm.

we have collected all our luggage and vacated the lockers. Then we took a cab from Tirumala to Tirupati railway station. While going from Tirumala to Tirupati we stopped our cab for some time at Prasanna Anjaneya Swamy temple which will come on the way. If you are climbing the hill by the Alipiri pathway you will pass by Prasanna Anjaneya Swamy temple. Below you can see the image or picture of Prasanna Anjaneyaswamy (Alipiri  walkway)

prasana Anjaneyaswamy tirumala tirupati image
prasana Anjaneyaswamy tirumala tirupati image

With this, we have completed our Tirumala Tirupati tour. There are many other important temples you can visit if you are planning for a longer trip. Hope this article will help you in planning your Tirumala Tirupati tour.

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Important things to know about Padmavathi amma,Tirupati to Tirumala walkway

Day 2 in Tirupati

Important/famous temples and Places visited: Padmavathi amma temple, Parasareshwara Swamy temple, Kalyana Venkateshwara Swamy temple, Vakula mata temple, Srivari mettu, hill climbing to reach Tirumala

important and famous temples in tirupati map route
important and famous temples in Tirupati map route

Tirupati Day 2 we got fresh and completed our breakfast by 8.30 am. Then we have vacated our room by 9 am. we have hired a taxi with an understanding that he will take us to all the above-mentioned places and drop us at Sri Vari mettu.

Please be noted that Taxi drivers may not know all the places. Before hiring clearly mention the places and ask whether they know the places or not and then go for price negotiations. We have kept all our luggage in the taxi and started to goddess Padmavathi ammavari temple. Distance from VishnuNivasam, Tirupati to Tiruchanoor is 5km.

Padmavathi Amma temple – Tiruchanoor, Tirupati

Legend/history/story: When King Akasharaja and his wife were ploughing the land to perform Yagna, the couple found a child in a thousand petal lotus. A divine voice urged the king to bring up the child. The child was named Padmavathi as she was found in a lotus (Padma). When Padmavathi amma grew up Lord Venkateshwara came in search of her.

Then the marriage of Lord Venkateshwara(Srinivasa) and Padmavathi amma happened in a grand way. There is also another version that Padmavati amma emerged from the golden lotus located at the center of Puskarini. The temple(devasthanam) was constructed by Tondaman Chakravarthi, who is the elder brother of Padmavathi amma. Below you can see the image/picture of Padmavati amma temple

Padmavathi Amma_Temple tiruchanoor( tirupati to tirumala walk way)
Padmavathi Amma_Temple tiruchanoor tirupati image

We got down from the Taxi near the temple. In front of the temple(mandir) you can find beautiful lotus flowers. You can buy them to offer to Padmavathi amma. We entered the queue line and it took us around 2 hours to complete the darshan of Padmavathi amma. You will get a blessed feeling once you had the darshan of amma.

Then we sat some time inside the temple and bought some laddu’s(prasad) and came out of the temple. Due to lack of information, we have not visited the Padmasarovaram (Temple tank of Padmavathi amma) and Lord Surya Narayana Swamy temple opposite it. So please do visit these places as well.

Padmavathi amma temple timings: 5am to 9.30 pm

From there we went to Yogi mallavaram to visit Shri Parasareshwara Swamy temple, which is around 1 km from there.

Shri Parasareshwara Swamy temple – Yogi mallavaram, Tirupati

Story/history/legend: This is the place where Lord Shiva gave Pashupati Astra to Arjuna. Yogi mallavaram name is derived from Yogi (Arjuna) & Mallu (Lord shiva, who came in the form of a hunter). Here Lord shiva is called parasareshwara because Parasara Maharshi installed the shiva lingam here.

By the time we reached there, the temple was closed as it was almost 12 noon. After seeing the temple I felt that it was not properly developed. But the temple was peaceful and hardly there are any people. Beside the temple, there are some cows. we have spent some time there and started to Kalyana Venkateshwara Swamy temple which is around 15 Km from there.

Shri Kalayana venkateshwara swamy temple – Srinivasamangapuram , Tirupati

History/legend/story: After the marriage with Padmavathi amma Lord Venkateshwara visited sage Agasthya’s Ashram to seek the blessing. Over the wish of sage Agasthya, Lord Venkateshwara along with Padmavathi amma stayed at the ashrama for 6 months. This Ashramam now became a famous temple. Below you can see the image/picture of Shri Kalyana Venkateswara Swamy temple

Kalyana venkateshwaraswamy temple , srinivasamangapuram Tirupati image
Kalyana venkateshwaraswamy temple , srinivasamangapuram Tirupati image

We reached the temple by around 1.30 pm. As usual, like other temples, this temple is also big with a koneru in front of the temple. After the darshan, we started for the Vakulamata temple. Actually, it comes before the Kalyana Venkateshwara Swamy temple but since the taxi driver doesn’t know that place we went back a little. The distance between the Vakulamata temple and Shri Kalyana Venkateshwara Swamy temple is 6 km.

Vakulamata temple – Peruru, Tirupati, Andhrapradesh,India

Vakulamata (mata Yasodha in Dwapara yuga) was the mother of Lord venkateshwara . Earlier it was a tradition that people used to visit the Vakulamata temple before the darshan of Lord Venkateshwara.

We reached the temple by searching on google maps. Temple is on the hill and it was almost destroyed. Even there was no way to go nearby temple. I heard that the temple was destroyed because of the mining mafia. But recently, the high court has given an order to reconstruct the temple. We should say thanks to swami Paripoornananda for taking up this issue. So now TTD is in the process of renovating the temple. So try to get information and if it is renovated please visit the temple. Below you can see the image/picture of vakulamata temple

Vakula matha temple , Peruru Tirupati image
Vakula matha temple , Peruru Tirupati image

From there we have started to the Srivari Mettu starting point which is around 12 km from vakulamata temple . If you go from Kalyana Venkateshwara Swamy temple then the distance will be only 6 km.

There are 2 ways to climb the Tirumala Hills(famously known as edukondalu or seven hills). One is from Alipiri and the other is from Srivari mettu.


Total walking distance – 9km

No. of steps – 3550

Alipiri walking path timings: 24 hours opened.

since Alipiri steps will be opened for 24 hours pilgrims can start their journey any time. The distance from Alipiri to Tirupati bus/railway station is 4km. In this way, you can find many temples and also many refreshments.

Srivari mettu

Total walk path distance – 2.1 km

No. of steps – 2388

Srivari mettu walking path timings: from early morning around 6 am to 5 pm

Srivari mettu hill way path will be closed by around 5 PM but the security vigilance will be there for 24 hours. 2 wheeler and 4 wheeler vehicles can be parked here. The distance from Tirupati railway station to srivari mettu starting point is 17 km. This is the way used by lord Venkateswara (balaji) to climb the hill. So please avoid footwear while climbing up the hills.

You have luggage counters at both Alipiri and Srivari mettu, where you can drop your luggage before going to Tirumala by walk and can collect it after reaching the hilltop. It is a free service offered by TTD. Please note that you should lock all the bags before giving them to the luggage counter. For us, they didn’t allow one bag as it was not locked. So we bought a lock there and locked it.

The drinking water facility will be there along both paths. you can also carry one water bottle for safety. Both Alipiri and Srivari mettu path almost have rooftop so we can walk in shade. There will be a special darshan (Divya darshan) for devotees who climb the hill. Currently, this special darshan was not available on Saturday and Sunday. So please check the TTD official site for information on Divya darshan availability.

We reached Srivari mettu at around 3 pm and dropped our luggage at the luggage counter except for our mobiles, purse, and a small bag. There was no facility for lunch there, so we had some biscuits and started our walk by giving arati to the initial steps. Below you can see the images/pictures of srivari mettu steps walkway

srivari mettu starting point Tirupati to tirumala walkway
srivari mettu starting point Tirupati image

srivari mettu pathway tirupati to tirumala walkway
srivari mettu pathway tirumala tirupati image

venkat (myself) at Srivari mettu starting point Tirupati image
venkat (myself) at Srivari mettu starting point Tirupati image

Climate will be very pleasant and you can hear the god bhajans with slow sounds playing on speakers. It will be an awesome experience. Since it passes through the forest the scenery will be very good and you can feel close to nature. Don’t climb the steps in hurry. Go slow & steady, enjoy the nature. Govindanamas will be written on the side pillars try to read them while climbing the steps. We reached Tirumala (hilltop) by around 6 pm. we have taken some pics there and taken some rest. Then we collected our luggage.

Since we didn’t get online advanced room booking we started searching for a room. We first went to the queue line. Already there are some hundreds of people standing there to get a room and TTD has already placed a no vacancy board. we have waited there for 1 hour. After that, it became clear to us that we are not going to get any room there. We also tried going to ashram’s to get a room but didn’t get any room. so we have decided to get a locker.

we went to Madhavanilayam and took a locker there. It is almost free of cost but you need to show your ID card. Along with a locker, they will also provide mats, so that you can sleep in the hall. Everything was maintained well and we didn’t face any problem except the washrooms. Washrooms were so crowded that TTD staff were not getting time to clean them. It might not be the same all the time.

So if you are planning a trip to Tirupati please try to book accommodation online in advance. Because if you go directly to the hill without advance booking you might face some problem. If you don’t get the room you can always go to madhavanilayam or some other buildings like madhavanilayam which provide lockers. With this, we have completed our second day in Tirumala Tirupati.

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Tirupati Tour plan 3/4

Tirupati Tour plan 4/4

Tirupati Tour plan 1/4

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Important things to know before Tirumala venkateshwaraswamy darshan

Day 3 in Tirupati – Venkateshwaraswamy darshan

Places visited: Swami pushkarini, Varahaswamy temple, Hayagreeevaswamy temple, Tirumala Shri Venkateshwara Swamy temple

Day 3 early morning we have given our hair in the Kalyana Katta (hair offering/hair shaving place) inside Madava nilayam and completed our bath by 6 am. we first went to swami pushkarini . Please don’t wear your footwear while you go nearby temple premises.

The Madavidhis (Streets around the temple,brahmotsavam will be done in this streets) is considered very sacred, and walking with footwear in the madavidhis is considered as Mahapapa (a great sin) so please don’t carry your footwear while going nearby temple.

Tirumala venkateshwara swamy darshan
Tirumala Tirupati tour plan 3 image

Swami Pushkarini, Tirumala Tirupati

Legend/significance: Swami Pushkarini lies within the sacred premises of the main temple. This is the place of the utmost reverence and religious significance. It is believed that Lord Shri Venkateshwara (Balaji) himself bathed in this pond along with Mata Laxmi.  A bath in this holy Pushkarini (temple tank) purifies once body and soul. A dip in this is highly sacred and considered as a custom before entering the temple. Below you can see the image/picture of swami pushkarini, Tirumala

swami puskarini tirumala - Tirumala venkateshwara swamy darshan
swami puskarini tirumala image

we have taken a dip in swami pushkarini lake and changed our clothes. we got dressed in a traditional way. Please note that there is a dress code in Tirupati. Dress code is applicable for all argitha sevas, VIP pilgrims seeking break darshan of lord Shri Venkateshwara, Pilgrims who go for INR300 and INR 50 darshan.

Dress code for men in tirumala tirupati

For men, the dress code is dhoti or pyjamas with upper cloth

Dress code for Women in Tirumala Tirupati

For women, the preferred dress code is saree or half-saree with blouse or churidar with pyjama and upper cloth

Please note that this information might change so please refer TTD official website for the latest information. But  I suggest going in traditional wear for all darshans as we hardly wear traditional wear in daily life. So at least while having darshan of god we have to go in traditional wear. After that, we went to Shri Varaha Swamy temple which is beside Swami Pushkarini

Shri Varahaswamy Temple – Tirumala Tirupati, Andhrapradesh, India

Story/legend/History: The presiding deity in the temple is Shri Bhuvarahaswamy, an incarnation of Lord Shri Mahavishnu in the form of wild boar. Shri Bhuvarahaswamy was residing on the hills when Lord Shri Venkateshwara swami descended onto the earth. Tirumala was originally called Adivaraha kshetram .

As per Brahma Puranam, it is lord Shri Bhuvarahaswamy who granted land to Shri Lord Venkateshwara Swamy on his request to reside on the sacred 7 hills. As a thanks-giving gesture, Lord Shri Venkateshwara Swamy told that devotees should first have darshan of Shri Bhuvarahaswamy before coming for his darshan and the first naivedhyam will also be offered to Lord Shri Bhuvarahaswamy.

So devotees should first offer their prayers to Shri Bhuvaraha swami before visiting Lord Shri Venkateshwara Swamy.

Shri Varaha Swamy Temple Timings: Every day from 5:30 AM to 12 PM and 5 PM to 9 PM.

we were in the queue line for around 30min and got the darshan of Shri Bhuvarahaswamy. After that, we went to Hayagreeva Swamy temple which is in the same lane. Then we went for the darshan of Lord Shri Venkateshwara Swamy.

Queue line entry will be different for sevas, 300 rupees ticket, 50 rupees ticket, Divya darshan (free darshan for a devotee who comes by walk) and Sarva darshan(free darshan for all). Please check your correct entry point. Please don’t carry any Electronic gadgets with you else you will face problems.

Lord Shri Venkateshwaraswamy Temple, Tirumala

The Lord Venkateshwara Swamy temple is also called kaliyuga Vaikuntam. Venkateshwara means Lord of Venkata. Word Venkata means Destroyer of sins. Venkata is derived from Sanskrit words VEM (sins) & Kata (power of immunity). Meaning of Tirumala is 7 hills(edukondalu) and the actual/old name of this place is Venkatachalam or adivarahakshethram

There are three main reasons for Lord Vishnu to come on to the earth as Lord Venkateshwara.

  1. Once Naradha muni visited Lord Vishnu and told that people in kali yuga will have less life span and because of influence of kalipurusha they will be not able to perform great yagas and penance, they will be busy in worldly pleasures. So Narada Muni requested Lord Vishnu to help them. Then lord Vishnu told to Narada Muni that ” I will be taking an avatar as Venkateshwara in Kaliyuga to bless the devotees who visit me and offer their Thalanilalu (hair on the head)” (this why devotees offer head hair to god in Tirumala)                                                   
  2. During DwaparaYuga Yashoda Mata was not able to see the marriage of Lord Shri Krishna with Rukmini Mata. So once she expressed her grief to Lord Krishna. Then Lord Shri Krishna gave a boon to her that in her next life she will perform the marriage of Lord Venkateshwara with Padmavathi.
  3. Boon to Vedavati. During Trethayuga there was a Brahmarshi Kushadwaja who was a great devotee of Mata Laxmi. Pleased by his devotion Mata Laxmi taken an avatar as his daughter. He named her Vedavati. In the meantime, she became a great devotee of Lord Vishnu. Once when she is doing penance, Ravan has seen her and tried to touch her by force. When he has caught her hair, she has cut her hair and entered into the fire to sacrifice herself. Before entering the fire she cursed Ravan that she will again take birth and will become a reason for his death. In her next life, she was born as Maya Sita and brought up by God Agni. As per some Puranas it is said that when Ravan tried to take Sita Mata God Agni has replaced Sita with Maya Sita. So Maya Sita stayed in Lanka instead of Sita Mata. After the death of Ravan when Rama asked Sita Mata for Agni pariksha God Agni replaced the actual Sita with Maya Sita. Since Maya Sita (Vedavati) suffered a lot, God Agni requested Rama to marry her. But Rama told him that he can’t marry her in this life, but promised that in kali yuga when he will come as Venkateshwara he will marry Vedavati who will be reborn as Padmavathi.

So to make these 3 boons come true Lord Vishnu came to earth as Lord Venkateshwara. Below you can see the images of Shri Venkateshwara Swamy temple

shri venkateshwara swamy temple tirumala tirupati image
shri venkateshwara swamy temple tirumala tirupati image

Tirumala temple gopuram -  venkateshwaraswamy darshan
Lord venkateshwaraswamy temple gopuramTirumala_Tirupati image

We have entered the Divyadharshan queue line as we have come by stairs. As per the latest TTD rules, Divyadharshans might not be available all the days please check TTD official site for more & the latest information. we entered the waiting hall in an hour I guess.TTD officials have given laddu tickets/coupons in the waiting hall.

In the waiting hall, we waited for around 5 hours. In the waiting hall(queue complex) we had only 2 options either to see the TTD channel which will be played on the screen. Note that you can only see the screen but can’t hear the audio. The second option is to look at the people. Then I thought that if I had brought Govindanamas I would have read them. Then I tried to remember some Govindanamas(govindanamalu) and started repeating them.

If you are going to Tirupati please take a print of Govindanamas in one piece of paper and carry it with you so that you can spend your time in the hall by reciting them. Please note that reciting them sitting in Tirumala temple(mandir) premises that too very close to Lord Venkateshwara is not a small thing. So please do this when you are going for darshan. If you see from this point of view the more time it takes for darshan the luckier you are, as you can recite the Govindanamas more no. of times. Please find the link to Govindanamas

After getting out of the waiting hall it has taken around 1.15 hours to get the darshan of Lord Shri Venkateshwara. You will be able to see the lord for only a few seconds but after having that few seconds of Darshan you will really feel blessed and you will feel the divine presence. After having the darshan of Lord Venkateshwara you can have the darshan of Vimaana Venkateshwara Swamy on the temple Gopuram ( will be highlighted in silver).

Seeing Vimana Venkateshwaraswamy will be considered as equal to the main darshan. Then you can have a darshan of Vakula Mata and Yoga Narasimha Swamy and other gods. Then you can give your offerings/donations in the Hundi. While leaving you will get prasad(small laddu). While leaving look at the Gopuram once again and ask Lord to give darshan once again.

After darshan, we came out and went to the laddu counter to take laddus. By the time we have taken laddus, it was around 6 pm. Then we went to the Nadaneerajanam stage which is in front of the main temple. Every day there will be a cultural dance, music which will be started at around 6.30 pm. Please don’t miss this program.

In that pleasant sayamsandhya time listening to god bhajans by sitting in front of the temple is an awesome experience. After the completion of the program, we have started back to madhavanilayam. Actually, we were supposed to visit the Bedi Anjaneya Swamy temple which is exactly opposite to Lord Venkateshwara Swamy temple. But since we felt tired we shifted this darshan for the next day. with this, we have completed our 3rd day in Tirumala Tirupati

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Tirupati Tour plan 4/4

Tirupati Tour plan 1/4

Tirupati Tour plan 2/4

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Saturday, November 4, 2017

Important temples you should visit for sure in Tirupati

Important temples to visit in Tirupati

Hello, Friends with the blessings of Lord Venkateshwara(Tirupati Balaji) I have visited Tirupati along with my family. Even though this was not my first visit to Tirupati, I can say this is my first properly planned visit. It was a four-day trip in which we have covered almost all the important and famous places in and around Tirupati.

I will try to cover my tour(yatra) details along with the information of the temples (mandir) or places (nearby places in Tirupati and Tirumala), which we have visited so that it can help you in planning your visit to Tirupati.

Friends I have written this article in detail so that you can get most of the information. Though the article is big it will really help you in planning your tour and knowing about important temples in Tirupati, Andhrapradesh, India

Day 1 in Tirupati

Important temples and famous Places visited – Srikalahasti, Kapilatheertham, Govindaraja Swamy Temple, Kodanda Ramaswamy temple

Important temples in Tirupati : Tirupati Guide
Tirupati map day 1

we have reached Tirupati railway station by 7.30 in the morning. We have already booked a room in Vishnu Nivasam.

Vishnu Nivasam

It will be just in front of the railway station. Distance between Vishnu nivasam complex (guest house) and railway station will be less than 100 meters. Online booking of room or accommodation can be done on the official TTD Website. AC rooms are also available if you want to book.

Please note that the room will be allotted only if more than one person is there. If you are visiting Tirupati alone then you can take the locker in VishnuNivasam which is almost free of cost and keep your luggage in the locker. And you can use the washrooms to get fresh.

Please don’t forget to carry your Id cards like Aadhar, voter card, etc (All the people traveling please try to carry ID cards).

Review: Rooms in VishnuNisavam are very clean and are well maintained by TTD. For the cost which I have spent, it is 100% worth. You can have a look at pics or images of the room which we have taken in Vishnu Nivasam below.

Vishnu Nivas room - important temples in Tirupati
VishnuNivas room images or pics Tirupati

VishnuNivas room - important temples in Tirupati
Room pics or images in VishnuNivasam

we have got fresh by 9.30 am and had our breakfast in a restaurant in the Vishnunivasam complex. The food was ok. Then we have taken an auto to reach the Bus stop which is around 1.5km from VishnuNivasam. From the Bus stop, we have taken a Bus to reach the Srikalahasti temple.

There will be plenty of buses from Tirupati to Srikalahasti.

It has taken around 1 hour for us to reach Srikalahasti. The distance between Srikalahasti and Tirupati is around 40 km. The bus will drop you almost in front of the temple.

Srikalahasti Temple

Srikalahasti is one among the Panchabootha Lingas. Swarnamuki nadi (river) will be flowing near srikalahasti temple. Srikalahasti temple has great importance among lord shiva temples. Shiva lingam in Srikalahasti temple is Vayu (meaning air) Lingam.

This is swayambu (self-manifested) Lingam. Srikalahasti got its name from the three best devotees of Lord Shiva. Srikalahasti name meaning: Sri – Spider, Kala – snake, Hasti – elephant.

Story/legend/history of Srikalahasti: Sri (spider) used to worship Lord Shiva by building a web around the shiva lingam, Kala (snake) used to worship Lord shiva by placing precious gems, and elephant used to worship by bringing water in its trunk and used to perform abhishekam.

Pleased by the worship of all the three, lord Shiva offered Moksha to them in this place.

There is one more legend associated with the temple. A hunter named Kannappa who is a great devotee of the lord(god) Shiva has offered his eyes to Shiva Lingam. Pleased by which lord Shiva offered Moksha to him. This devotee is famously known as Bhakta Kannappa and there is a temple for him on the hill.

Srikalahasti temple is famous for performing Rahu Ketu Pooja and kala sarpa nivarana pooja. Below you can see the Srikalahasti temple gopuram image

Srikalahasti temple - Important temples in Tirupati
Srikalahasti temple image

Once you enter the temple you can see Pathalaganapathi temple(mandir). Where Ganapathi will be in the underground. you should pass through a narrow passage to have the Darshan of Ganesha. Since it is a narrow passage only 10 people will be allowed at a time. After the Darshan of Ganesha we went inside the main temple.

Temple is very big you can feel the great architecture of our ancient Kings. The Cholas and Vijayanagara Kings played a Vital role in rebuilding the temple.

Please plan your visit in such a way that you spend some time in seeing the architecture of the temple. In the temple there are many Shiva Lingas (idols) which are placed by various Gods like Sri Rama, Yamadarmaraja, etc..

Then we got the darshan of goddess Sri GnanaPrasunambika Devi ammavaru (Maa Parvathi). After that, we got the Darshan of Srikalahastishwara (Lord shiva). By the time we came out of the temple, it is around 2.30 Pm. Since the Bhakta Kannappa temple was closed we were unable to visit the temple.

Srikalahasti temple timing : 6am to 9 pm

Then we had our launch outside the temple and started back to Tirupati by bus. We reached the Tirupati bus stop at around 4 PM. From there we have taken an auto to go to Kapila theertham. Distance between Tirupati bus stop and Kapila theertham is 4 km

Kapila Theertham waterfalls

story/legend/history: It is the place where Kapila muni (form of Lord Vishnu) has performed Tapasya (penance) for Lord Shiva and got the darshan of Lord Shiva and Maa Parvathi. In the temple there is a water fall and water body.

During the Karthika Purnima the power of all the theerthas situated in the 3 worlds merge into Kapila theertham at noon for 10 gatikas (1 gatika = 24 minutes). If a person take bath in Kapil theertham during that time then it is considered as he has taken bath in all the theerthas in the three worlds.

Kapila theertham temple timings: 5 am to 9 pm

Below you can see the image/photo of Kapila theertham waterfalls (because of summer water flow was not there)

Kapila theertham - Important temples in Tirupati
Kapila theertham Tirupati image

we had darshan of the main deity kapileshwara and sat in the place at the back side of temple. There you can find a natural cave. It is told that on the hills behind the theertham the face of Kapila maharishi can be seen by good devotees. We spent some time there trying it and few of us were able to see it.

Then we have started back to vishnunivasam. we have reached Vishnunivasam at around 5.45 Pm and had a strong tea there and went back to our room. we got fresh and started to Govindarajaswamy temple by walk at around 6.30 pm. Its around 1 km from vishnunivasam.

Govindaraja swamy temple

story/legend/history : When south India was invaded by Muslim rulers, the preceding deity of Chidambaram Sri Govindaraja Swamy was brought and kept safely in Tirupati. After the situation at Chidambaram returned to normal  the deity of Lord Sri govindarajaswamy was taken back to Chidambaram from Tirupati.

After that one day, Sri ramanujacharya had a vision of lord Govindarajaswamy in his dreams advising  to make arrangements for him to stay in Tirupati.

When Sri ramanujarcharya visited the place which he has seen in the dream, to his surprise he found the vigraham (idol) of Lord Govindarajaswamy in that place. Sriramanujarcharya advised the king to construct a temple to the Lord.

It is also told that Sri Govindarajaswami (a form of Lord Vishnu) is the elder brother of lord Venkateshwara swami, who has taken care of the marriage of Sri Venkateshwara Swamy and  Padmavati amma.

Govinda rajaswami temple timings : 5 am to 9.30pm

Below you can see images/pictures of govindaraja swamy temple

Govindarajaswami temple - Important temples in Tirupati
Govindarajaswami temple tirupati image

govindarajaswami temple entrance - Important temples tirupati
govindarajaswami temple entrance

We have reached the temple around 6.45 pm. Temple is beautifully decorated with lights and there are 2 big elephants in front of the temple. The temple is very big with great architecture. We had darshan of lord Govindaraja swamy, Pardhasarathiswamy, Andal amma and some other sub temples. we came out of the temple by around 8.45 Pm.

From there we went to Shri Kodandaramaswamy temple which is very near. Distance between Govindarajaswamy temple and Shri kodandaramaswamy temple is 1 km.

Kodandarama swamy Temple

story/history/legend:This temple which has a glorious history of over one thousand years was built by the Chola kings in 10th century A.D. This temple was well developed by various kings especially by Sri Krishna Deva Raya in 15h century.

The symbols and raja mudrikas of Vijaya Nagara dynasty can be seen on the rock walls of the outer mandapas. There is an Anjaneya Swamy temple located just opposite to the temple

Kodandarama Swamy temple timing: 5 am to 12 noon and 4pm to 9pm

Below you can see the image/picture of kodanadarama swamy temple tirupati

Kodanda Ramaswamy Temple - Important temples in Tirupati
Kodanda Ramaswamy Temple Tirupati image

By the time we went there the temple was almost closed. So we didn’t get opportunity to see the deity but have done pradakshina in the temple. After that, we started back to Vishnu Nivas.

we had our dinner at a Maharashtrian hotel outside Vishnunivasam. we tried tandoori roti and butter panner masala which was good. With this we have completed our first-day tour in Tirupati.

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Tirupati tour plan Part 2/4

Tirupati tour plan Part 3/4

Tirupati tour plan Part 4/4

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