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King Bhagiratha - Try Bhagiratha style to become successful

Success: This is the word everyone wants to listen to in their life. Most of us want to know the answer to this simple question “how can I achieve success.” So everyone wants success, but how many of us are able to achieve success? only a few people are able to achieve success, so what are the fundas (basic fundamental principles ) followed by people who are successful ? by knowing which everyone can achieve success?

Let us know these fundas by knowing about the success story of Bhagiratha (who was successful in bringing  Ganga to earth). First let us know about Bhagiratha, why, and how he brought Ganga from swarga to earth. This is famously known as Bagiratha prayatna or Gangavataran Katha/story

Ashwamedha Yagna by King Sagara

Once King Sagara of Suryavamsham (forefather of Lord Shri Rama) started Ashwamedha Yagna and released the Yagna Ashwam (Ghoda or Horse). This horse is supposed to go throughout the world and should finally reach the place where the yagna(yagam) is being performed. Then the yagna will be considered as completed.

So when the yagna Ashwam was going across the world Lord Indra came in disguise and hijacked the horse. Then King Sagara ordered his 60000 sons to search for the horse and told them to bring the horse at any cost. This 60000 sons of King Sagara searched the entire earth but they were not able to find the horse. Then they started digging the earth and went to Pathal

Lord Indra who has taken the horse has tied it near Kapila muni(Maharshi), who was doing penance in Pathal. This 60000 sons of  Sagara searched in Pathal and finally came to the place where Kapila muni was performing penance and saw the horse nearby him.

Kapila muni’s thapo Shakthi killing the sons of Sagara

Since the horse was tied nearby Kapila muni the sons of Sagara thought that it was Kapila muni who has stolen the horse. And started moving towards him with an intention to harm. Kapila muni observed this and saw them with anger. Because of the Thaposhakthi of Kapila muni all the 60000 sons of Sagara turned into ashes.

Since his sons didn’t return even after many days king Sagara sent his grandson, Amshuman. Amshuman started the search for that horse and he finally reached the place where 60000 sons of Sagara became ashes. He also saw the horse there.

Then Amshuman became very sad and started searching for water, to perform Jaltharpan (to mix ashes with water) so that the sons of Sagara will get salvation. Then Lord garuda came there and told to Amshuman that Jaltharpan to them should be performed with Gangajal (meaning: ganga water) otherwise they will not get salvation as they are turned into ashes by the taposhakthi of Kapila Muni.

Garuda advised Amshuman to take the horse with the permission of Kapila muni and complete the Ashwamedha Yagna first. Then Amshuman with the permission of Kapilamuni taken the horseback and told his grandfather all the story that has happened. Then they completed the Ashwamedha Yagna.

Efforts to bring Ganga

After the Ashwamedha Yagna was completed King Sagara tried to bring Ganga so that his sons will get salvation. But he was not successful. Then Amshuman and his son Dileepa also tried but they were not successful. Then came Bhagiratha, the son of King Dileepa.

Bhagiratha Prayatna to bring Ganga

Bhagiratha after coming to know about his forefathers decided that he has to bring Ganga from Swarga. He met some of his Gurus and taken their advice on how to bring Ganga. After this Bhagiratha decided to do Tapasya, so he advised his ministers to take care of the kingdom in his absence. Bhagiratha left all the luxuries and went to the forest to do Tapasya.

1000 years Tapasya for Lord Brahma

Bhagiratha did Tapasya for Lord Brahma for 1000 years. During these 1000 years, he used to eat only once a month. He used to perform Panchagni hotra Tapasya( Doing tapasya by keeping the fire in all directions and seeing the sun directly). He used to stand on one leg with both hands raised. Pleased by his Tapasya Lord Brahma gave him darshan and asked to tell his wish.

Bhagiratha told to Lord Brahma that he wanted Ganga to come on to the earth so that his forefathers will get salvation. Then Lord Brahma told that the earth can’t sustain if the Ganga falls directly from swarga to earth. so there should be someone who can catch Ganga before it reaches the earth and also told that only lord shiva can do this.

So Brahma advised Bhagiratha to perform Tapasya for Lord shiva and if Lord shiva agrees to catch Ganga, then Ganga will flow from swarga to earth.

1 year Gora Tapasya for Lord Shiva

Then Bhagiratha started Tapasya for lord shiva. He did Gora Tapasya for 1 year by standing on his toe with his hands raised. He stopped eating and he didn’t even move for 1 year. Pleased by his Gora Tapasya Lord shiva gave him darshan in only one year and agreed to catch Ganga. So lord shiva released his Jatajuta (long hair) and asked Ganga to fall on his head.

Then Ganga started flowing from swarga with an attitude that Lord Shiva can’t withstand her flow. Lord shiva observed the attitude of Ganga and didn’t let even one drop of Ganga come out of his jatajuta. Like that Ganga flowed for years but not even one drop of water came onto the earth. After this Ganga understood the greatness of Lord shiva.

Ganga flowing from swarga
Ganga flowing from swarga

The arrival of Ganga onto the earth

Seeing this Bhagiratha again started Tapasya for Lord shiva. Because of his Tapasya Lord shiva again gave darshan and agreed to release Ganga from his Jatajutam onto the earth. After falling onto the earth Ganga was divided into 7 streams out of which 3 flowed towards the east, 3 towards west, and 1 stream followed Bhagiratha.

While Bhagiratha was going on Chariot towards the ashes of his forefathers, river Ganga followed him. On the way, river Ganga flooded Jahnu Maharshi  ashram. Angered by this Jahnu Maharishi drank all the Ganga. Then Bhagiratha came to Jahnu Maharishi and requested him to release Ganga.

Pleased by his request jahnu Maharshi released Ganga from his ear(because of this Ganga is also called Jahnavi). Then again Ganga followed Bhagiratha.

Finally, Bhagiratha reached the place where his forefather’s ashes are located and Ganga flowed through the ashes. Because of this, all the 60000 sons of Sagara got salvation. with this king Bhagiratha achieved his goal and also did a great help to all humans by bringing Ganga onto the earth.

So what are the fundas followed by Bhagiratha that we can also follow to achieve success in our life?

8 steps to achieve success

steps to achieve success bhagiratha way
steps to achieve success bhagiratha way

1. Make your Goal clear (goal setting)

Bhagiratha first made himself clear that he should bring Ganga from Swarga to earth so that his forefathers will get salvation.

About 95% of us are not clear with our goals. our goals change day by day. So first be clear with your goals. Fixing goal is key to success. If you have more than 1 goal give them an order and go one by one. you can write the list of goals you want to achieve on a paper and can stick it in the place where it will be visible to you. The benefit of this is that whenever you see this paper brain will be triggered.

2. Learn how to Achieve the Goal

Bhagiratha after deciding his goal went to his gurus and took their suggestions. He learned that he can achieve his goal by doing Tapasya.

So once we have decided on our goal we should do a little bit of research on how to achieve that goal. We should make a clear road map (strategy) to achieve our goal.

3. Come out of your comfort zone

Bhagiratha after deciding to go for Tapasya he left all his Luxuries and went to the forest.

once you are clear with your goal and how to achieve it, you should be ready to come out of your comfort zone. Generally, when you want to achieve something great, you have to hard work. So if you want to achieve success be ready to put more effort.

4. Have Faith in your efforts

Doing Tapasya is not a small thing and there is no guarantee that if you do tapasya for this many years you will get darshan of the Lord. One should do Tapasya till God is pleased. It might take 1 year, 100 years, 1000 years, or more than that.

so before starting Tapasya Bhagiratha has 100% faith that he will be able to please God with his efforts and this faith has not changed even after more than 1000 years of Tapasya. Bhagiratha always had faith in his efforts.

Most of us don’t work with 100% faith. we generally go with an attitude that “Let us try if we get success ok else give up”. But if you want to achieve your goal you should have faith in yourself that you will achieve your goal. Keep in mind Swami Vivekananda’s quote “Arise awake and stop not till the goal is reached”.

5. Control of Indriyas / Disciplined Lifestyle

Bhagiratha has controlled his indriyas in such a way that initially he used to eat only once a month and while doing Tapasya to lord shiva he didn’t eat anything and stood without moving.

A disciplined lifestyle is a must to achieve your goal. The way we live and the food we eat will have a direct impact on the way our body and mind works. So if you want to achieve your goal follow a disciplined lifestyle such that your body and brain cooperate with you, to concentrate on your goal.

6. Persistence: Continuous efforts till the goal is achieved

Bhagiratha first did 1000 years of Tapasya for Lord Brahma but his wish didn’t come true. Then again he did penance for lord shiva, once again his wish didn’t come true. And again he did Tapasya to Lord shiva. So finally Ganga came on to the earth but before Ganga flowed over the ashes of his forefathers Jahnu maharishi drank all the Ganga. So bhagiratha again prayed to him and finally achieved success.

If you observe bhagiratha, he didn’t achieve success in his first attempt. But he didn’t stop his efforts until he achieved success. Most of us will be disappointed and stop putting efforts if we didn’t achieve success in our first attempt. But most of the great works are done only with continuous efforts. So don’t stop your efforts until you reach your goal.

7. Improve with Experience

Bhagiratha has taken 1000 years to get the darshan of lord Brahma but the same bhagiratha has improved himself and did ugra Tapasya and got darshan of lord shiva in only one year.

So we should also learn to improve ourselves from our experience. To do some work for the first time we might have to put more effort but we have to learn and improve from it and should be able to perform the next task with ease and in less time.

8. Don’t complain and maintain your cool

Bhagiratha got many obstacles in achieving his goal. Firstly when Bhagiratha performed Tapasya for 1000 years for Lord Brahma, Lord Brahma didn’t make his wish come true completely. Then after doing ugra Tapasya for Lord shiva, Lord shiva didn’t release Ganga onto the earth, finally, when Ganga came on to the earth again Jahnu maharishi drank the Ganga.

If you observe bhagiratha never complained about anyone even after facing so many obstacles. He always did what he can do from his side.

Most of us always complain or find reasons to hide our inefficiencies. If we observe successful people they never complain or give reasons to hide their inefficiencies. They always do what they can do, to get out of an issue. So stop complaining and try to put the effort from your side to solve the problem.

So friends follow these fundas and Achieve success Bagiratha way

Thanks for reading.

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