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Is Ravan really great? Know about Ravan

Hello, friends I have seen many people who say that Ravan is great, the only mistake done by him is to kidnap Sita Mata and some say that even though he has kidnapped Sita Mata he didn’t touch her and some people try to say he is a good person than Rama. But what is the truth? Is Ravana really great or is it propaganda to confuse Hindus? want to know the reality? continue reading

Ravan was a great devotee of Lord Shiva. He performed great Tapasya for Lord Shiva and Brahma. But with the power of Boons which he has got, he started harassing everyone. Once his head weight went to peaks and he disrespected Lord shiva as well ( Lord shiva also taught him a lesson for this).

ravana - is ravan really great
ravana – is ravan really great?

He learned the Vedas and he knows many dharmas but he never followed dharma which became the ultimate reason for his death. So now let us know the truth about some misconceptions that are being spread

1. Kidnapping Sita Mata is the only mistake done by Ravan?

No. If Ravan sees any beautiful woman, then he used to kidnap her by killing the family members of the woman. Even though the innocents cry and beg him to release them, he never listened to them. Like this, he has kidnapped 1000’s women. He didn’t use to care whether the woman is single or married, if he found someone beautiful then he used to kidnap them for his pleasure.

2. Why Ravan didn’t dare to force Sita Mata after taking her to lanka ?

Even after kidnapping 1000’s women, Ravan’s lust didn’t die. Once he saw an Apsarasa named Rambha. After seeing her Ravan tried to touch her. Then the Apsarasa pleaded with him not to touch her. She also told that she was in love with his son, Nalakubera (Nalakubera was the son of Kubera and Kubera is the brother of Ravana. So Nalakubera will be like a son to Ravana) so she is like a daughter in law to him. But he didn’t let her go. He violated and raped her.

After that, she went to Nalakubera and stood in front of him with tears in her eyes and narrated to him the entire episode. The enraged Nalakubera gave a curse to Ravana that ” From now if Ravan tries to force any women his head will be broken into 1000 pieces “. Ravana was shaken for the first time in his entire lifetime because of this curse and from then he never tried to force any women. This is the reason why he didn’t try to force Sita Mata after taking her to Lanka.

3. Did anyone defeat Ravan before Rama?

Yes. He was defeated twice before he was defeated by Rama.

By Vali

Once Ravan, having heard of the greatness of Vali, went to Kishkindha to fight with Vali. But he came to know that Vali went to the seashore to perform SandhyaVandan. Then he went to the place where Vali was performing sandhyavandanam. He mischievously wanted to grab Vali in his arms from behind.

But Vali noted him coming from the back and was quick enough to take Ravan’s head into his armpit. Holding him in this position Vali flown to 4 oceans, performed sandhyavandhana in all four places, and finally reached Kishkinda. After reaching Kishkindha Vali released Ravan. Surprised by the power of Vali, Ravana accepted his mistake, praised Vali, and Made friendship with him

By kartavirya arjuna

Kartavirya Arjuna was the king of the Mahishmati kingdom and was a great devotee of Lord Dattatreya. He used to have a thousand hands. Once Ravana went to capture his kingdom. At that time Kartyavirya Arjun was having a bath in the river Narmada with his wives.

Ravan went there and a furious fight took place between Ravan and kartyavirya arjuna. Finally, kartavirya arjuna defeated Ravana and kept him in prison. Then at the request of Pulastya (grandfather of Ravan) kartavirya arjuna released Ravan.

Friends, now you know the reality. Please spread this and stop the misconceptions which are being spread to confuse Hindus.

Thanks for reading


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