Sunday, January 13, 2019

Dealing with Doubt - Ramayan Life lessons

Sugriva along with some of his ministers used to hide on rushyamuka parvath( mountain) to escape from his brother  Vali. When Sugriva saw Ram and Lakshman for the first time coming towards rushyamuka parvath, he thought his brother Vali might have sent them to kill him. So he was afraid by looking at them.

Then Sugriva called his ministers and told about it. Hanuman was one among those minsters. In fear Sugriva was walking here and there, thinking unnecessary things and kept looking in all directions thinking that they might attack him.

Hanuman saw all this behavior of Sugriva and told him likethis “Sugriva I don’t find any reason for you to be afraid. You are fearingunnecessarily, because of fear your brain is not working properly. Think with astable mind.  If you have doubt on those2 humans, we should try to know the truth. Instead of it if you start fearingthen it’s very bad”

These teachings of Hanuman are very much needed in thesedays. We became too sensitive and living in a world of fear. The funny thing isthere will not be a proper reason for our fear. If our beloved ones don’t pickthe call for an hour we will start thinking negative and we will be in tensiontill they call back.

I will tell one more example, most of you might have experienced it. When you are sleeping you might have heard some different sounds in the midnight. Since it will be dark you might not be able to recognize from where it’s coming and if you get afraid of the sound doubting it’s something bad, you will not be able to sleep properly.

But if you can clear your doubt by switching on the light, your fear will be gone and you can sleep happily. So friends from now if you have any doubt, don’t be afraid unnecessarily. Try to know the truth, so that your doubt will be clarified and you will be at peace.

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