Sunday, January 13, 2019

Make use of Experts - Ramayan life lessons

After Sugriva became king of Kishkinda, he ordered that all the vanaras in the world should come to kishkinda and should assemble in front of Rama. So all the vanaras came and assembled in front of Rama. Then Sugriva requested Rama to give instructions to the Vanaras so that they can start searching for Sita Mata as per his instructions.

Then Rama didn’t give instructions to Vanaras. He requested Sugriva to do because Sugriva had the experience of roaming all over the world and he has the knowledge of each and every place in the world. Then Sugriva gave directions to vanaras on what all places they should go and search for Sita Mata. He clearly explained to them how they should go, what all problems they might face in those places and many things.

In the same way, if we want to do some work, we should not try to do all the work by ourselves. We should always take help of people who are expert in that particular work. For example, think there is a very good doctor who had successfully did many surgeries and cured many people.

But if there is a problem to his car and if he tries to repair it by himself thinking that I have repaired many human beings why can’t I repair this car. Then he will not be able to repair his car and he can also make the problem worst. But if he goes to a car mechanic he will repair the car properly as he is an expert in repairing cars.

So friends from now when you want to do a work in which youare not expert, take the help of expert where ever possible

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