Sunday, January 13, 2019

Success qualities - Ramayan Life Lessons

Kishkinda king Sugriva sent vanaras to the four directions to find Sita Mata. Under the leadership of Angada (son of Vali), some vanaras including hanuman went towards the south. As they were not able to find Sita Mata even after searching a lot, most of the vanaras became disappointed and sat in one place. Then Angada told below words to Vanaras

“To be successful one should have 4 things

1. Skill

2. Patience

3. Excitement towards work

4. Hope

So give up grief, we all once again start searching for SitaMata with more energy and we will find Sita Mata for sure”

Now let us learn more about the 4 qualities told by Angada

1. Skills: They will help us in doing the work with ease andin less time and with perfection. So always keep learning and improving yourskills which can help you to grow in the field you want.

2. Patience: No great work can be successfully completedwithout patience. The main difference between successful people and normalpeople is patience. Successful people keep trying until they achieve their goalbut normal people stop trying if they can’t get results after some efforts.

3. Excitement towards work: Generally we do work mainlybecause of 2 reasons.

     a. We work because someone asked us to work or we are supposed to do it for some reason

     b. We workbecause we like to do it or we have an interest in that work

You might have noticed some kids while playing games theywill involve so much that they even forget to eat food but the same kid willnot show interest while learning. So making a career in the field which you areinterested can help you in achieving success and if you are into something elsetry to make it exciting so that you will enjoy doing it because of which youwill get success

4. Hope: I can say Hope is as important as food and water tohuman. Without food and water we will not be able to live for more days. In thesame way, if there no hope of getting success, you will not be able to work forlong which will obviously result in failure

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