Sunday, January 13, 2019

Use your Efforts wisely - Ramayan Life Lessons

When Hanuman was flying above the ocean to reach Lanka, once of the snake goddess called Surasa thought of testing Hanuman’s strength. So she has taken the form of big Rakshasi and came in front of Hanuman.

She told to Hanuman that he would be her food and asked Hanuman to enter her mouth. Hanuman told her that he was going on the work of Lord Shri Rama so he can’t stop and requested her to move away from this way.

Surasa told that Lord Brahma has given her a boon that noone can cross her without entering her mouth. Then Hanuman asked her to openher mouth wide so that he can enter her mouth. Surasa opened her mouth.

Then Hanuman made his body big. Seeing it Surasa also madeher body big and open her mouth wide. Like this Hanuman kept increasing thesize of his body and seeing him Surasa also increased the size of her body andmouth.

Suddenly in a moment, Hanuman became very small went inside her mouth and came out. Hanuman did it so quickly that Surasa didn’t understand what’s happening. After coming out Hanuman told her that as you told I have entered your mouth so now, please move from my way.

Pleased by this Surasa showed her real form to Hanuman and praised Hanuman’s intelligence and blessed him that he will become successful in his work.

If you notice when obstacle came, immediately Hanuman didn’tuse all his energy in fighting with her. He used his intelligence and removedthe obstacle with minimum effort. As Surasa told that she has a boon fromBrahma that once can cross her only after entering her mouth, Hanuman justentered her mouth and came out instead of fighting with her.

So in your life as well try to solve your problems or try tocomplete your work with less efforts by using intelligence, instead of puttingmore efforts without thinking. There is a famous saying that if some work canbe done with the help of needle don’t use a sword.

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