Sunday, January 13, 2019

Mindful Working - Ramayan Life Lessons

Hanuman after crossing the ocean thinks on how he should enter Lanka. Then Hanuman says to himself “work done with a half mind will be spoiled for sure. So I should be alert and careful else all my efforts of crossing the ocean will go waste”.

Nowadays what all work we are doing is with a half mind. On one side we will be doing some important work and on the other side we will be using mobile or we will be thinking of something else. If we continue like this there are high chances that error can happen. And sometimes this small errors or mistakes can cause big damage.

You might have experienced this in your life but you might not have noticed it. For example, you might have seen people who use mobile while driving. They keep half concentration on driving and another half on mobile. So there are high chances of doing error and you can imagine how a small error in driving can cause big damage.

So whatever work you do, do it with full concentration (mindful working). Don’t think of something else when you are working. If you really think that something else is more important than the work you’re doing, then stop working and think of it with full concentration

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