Sunday, January 13, 2019

Work Prioritization - Ramayan life lessons

While Rama was going to vanavasa, his brother Bharata was not in Ayodhya. So later when Bharata came back to Ayodhya he comes to know that Rama went to Vanavasa. So Bharata along with his mothers, guru’s, ministers and people will go to the forest to find Rama and to request him to come back to Ayodhya.

Finally, Bharata will meet Rama. In that context, Rama will teach Bharat about Rajaneethi.  From that Rajaneethi which Rama has told, now we will learn what kind of work we should focus on.

Rama told “Bharata you always give first priority to thework which can give big results with fewer efforts. And you should not delay indoing that kind of works”

I will give one example so that you can understand it in more detail. You might have written many exams in your school and college life. Each subject will be divided into chapters.

Generally in examination questions will be given in such a way that each chapter should contain certain weightage of marks based on the importance of the chapter.

If there are 10 chapters, in that there might be a chapter which will be very small, easy and important compared to other. So this small chapter can give you 10% of marks or in some cases more. There will be some chapters which are very big and difficult to study but can give you the same 10% marks.

So as per Rama, we should first prepare that small chapterswhich are easy and can give more marks and after completing them we should goto other chapters.

You might have seen people who study hard but will not beable to secure more marks. These are the people who start their preparationwith very difficult and big chapters but having marks weightage same as otherchapters.

And at the same time, you might have seen people who study for very less time but still will be able to get good marks. These are the people who give more importance to chapters which are easy and at the same time can give a good amount of marks. This principle is applicable in all the phases of life.

You might have noticed people who work hard but will earn less.It’s because they do works which are difficult but can give fewer profits. Atthe same time, you might have seen people who work very less but still will beable to earn more. It’s because these people will do works which are easy andmore profitable.

So friends from now always give more importance to workswhich can give more profits with fewer efforts and try to do them immediately.

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