Sunday, January 13, 2019

Decision Taking - Ramayan Life Lessons

While Rama was going to vanavasa, his brother Bharata was not in Ayodhya. So later when Bharata came back to Ayodhya he comes to know that Rama went to Vanavasa. So Bharata along with his mothers, guru’s, ministers and people will go to the forest to find Rama and request him to come back to Ayodhya.

Finally, Bharata will meet Rama. In that context, Rama will teach Bharat about Rajaneethi.  From that Rajaneethi which Rama has told, we learn how to make decisions.

Rama told to Bharata that“while taking a decision, don’t take it alone and at the same time don’tdiscuss with too many people. Discuss with few people who are wise and on whomyou can believe”

Now we will understand it in a bitdetail. When we want to make an important decision and if we try to take thedecision on our own then we may not be able to take the correct decision.Because we will be looking at the situation from only our point of view and wemight also have a prefixed mind because of which we may not be able to take thecorrect decision.

For example, think that you want to buy your first car. while taking a decision on which car you should buy generally you may give more preference to a car which you liked after seeing it on road or in some movie. Then you might think of the cost, EMI, mileage & specifications.

But based on that if you want to take the decision of buying the car, you might not be taking the correct decision. But if you discuss it with people who have knowledge about it and on whom you can believe, they will tell you more points which you might not know or you are not able to think of.

For example, they can say that you should take care of resale value, availability of spare parts or service stations etc. so if you have not discussed with them, you might have missed those points.

And if you discuss with more people then also it will be difficult. Because too many views will spoil the work because when many people are involved many suggestions will come which might not be that important and you will be confused on which one to concentrate and discussing too much is also a waste of time.

And moreover if it’s some confidential matter, if you discuss with more people it might get leaked and someone else can take advantage of it.

So friends from now, when you wantto take an important decision, don’t take it alone. Discuss with few people whoare wise and on whom you can believe.

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