Monday, January 14, 2019

Know the Real well Wisher - Ramayan Life lessons

Ravan came to know that Rama along with Vanara Sena startedcoming towards Lanka, so Ravan called a meeting with all his ministers. Ravanasked his minister to tell their suggestions. Many ministers started praisingthe power of Ravan and kept telling that Rama was nothing in front of you sothere is no need to fear about him.

Vibhishan listened to all the ministers and said that Ravan has done a mistake by bringing Sita Mata. He should return back Sita Mata with respect. Then there will not be any war.

Ravan got anger on listening to Vibhishan. He scoldedVibhishna very badly.

Then Vibhishan decided to leave from that place. Beforeleaving he told like this “Hey Ravan, you will easily find people who keeppraising you, who will be speaking pleasing words to get favors from you. Butit is very difficult to get people who will tell right things, even if youdon’t like and even if it’s harsh”

What Vibhishan told was very true. If you show interest in a bad habit, there will be many people who will encourage you to start that habit. But it’s very difficult to find a friend who will scold and tell you to be away from that bad habit.

For example if you are not using a helmet while drivingthere will be many friends who will give n number of suggestions on how toescape from traffic police but it’s very rare to get a friend who will scold usfor not using a helmet. If you find a person like that never leave him becauseit’s not that easy to get a person who always tells which is correct even ifit’s harsh. They are the real well wishers, listening to them will always dogood to you.

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