Monday, January 14, 2019

Namasmarana - Ramayan Life Lessons

Once in war Ravan and Laxman are fighting with each other. Laxman has broken the Ravan’s bow and hit Ravan with 3 arrows. Angered by this Ravan used Shakti Astra which was given to him by Lord Brahma on Laxman. Shakti Astra started coming towards Laxman with smoke and fire.

Laxman tried to stop it but he was not successful. Shakti Astra was hit on Laxman chest. Laxman fell down on the ground. But Laxman didn’t lose his consciousness.

It was clearly mentioned in Ramayan that even after getting attacked by Shakti Astra, Laxman didn’t lose consciousness because Laxman was doing Vishnu Nama Smarana inside. So Shakti Astra was not able to show its full effect on Laxman

In the same way, we will also face problems/ sudden incidents which can harm us. And we might not know when and how these problems or incidents can come in our life. So like Laxman, if we can also keep doing Bhagawan namasmarana (keep saying god name) all the time, these problems will not be able to affect us much. They can only show a partial effect.

For example, as per your Karma if you are supposed to get anincident where you should loss 100 drops of blood. If you keep doing Bhagawannamasmarana the effect of the incident will be reduced. Instead of losing 100drops of blood, you will lose only 1 or 2 drops.

So friends from now whatever work you are doing keep sayingthe name of God in your manas (inside). It might be Vishnu namasmarana or Shivanamasmarana or your Ista devata namasmarana, it will protect you for sure.

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