Monday, January 14, 2019

Give and Take policy - Ramayan life Lessons

In Ramayan when Rama got problem he never hesitated to takethe help of others. But at the same time, he helped them back and he wasgrateful to them throughout his life.

Rama helped Sugriva in becoming king of Kishkinda and also in getting back his wife by killing Vali. After Sugriva became the king of Kishkinda, Rama took the help of Sugriva and Vanara Sena to find Sita Mata and in war with Ravan.

Rama also took help of Ravan’s brother Vibhishan in war andafter the war, Rama made Vibishan as the king of Lanka. If you notice Rama wasfollowing the win-win situation. He has taken help from people and at the sametime helped them back.

Here you should be careful about one thing. Before takinghelp from anyone Rama used to check if the person is good or not. He never usedto think whether he is rich or poor, what is his background and all. You cannotice this from the below incident.

When Rama shot Vali and when Vali is in his last minutes, Ramawent and stood beside him. The Vali asked Rama like this “Rama if you need helpin searching for your wife. Why didn’t you, asked me for help? I am alreadyking of Kishkinda and more powerful than Sugriva. Why you did friendship withSugriva instead of me?”

Then Rama told, you are doing Adharma by taking awaySugriva’s wife. So I will not make friendship either take a favour from theadharmic people.

So friends from now never hesitate to take help from otherswhen needed but at the same time be ready to help others. There will be somepeople who hesitate to take help from other even in bad situations and therewill be some people who will take help but will not help others. Both are notcorrect. Life is all about giving and taking.

But before taking help make sure you are taking it from a good person. If you take a favour from a bad person, later he might force you to help him by doing a non-ethical work.

For example, if you take favour of a person who does smuggling. In future, he might ask you to help him in smuggling. So never take a favour from a bad person.

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