Monday, January 14, 2019

When Everything Goes wrong - Ramayan Life Lessons

As you all know Ravan was very powerful who defeated manygods and his Indrajeet was even greater than him who defeat god Indra. Ravan’sbrother kumbakarna was also very powerful. There are many powerful Rakshasunder Ravan who never faced defeat.

Rama killed 14 thousand undefeatable Rakshas alone. Hanuman entered Lanka and killed many Rakshas including one of the sons of Ravan and set Lanka on fire. And when the war started all the powerful Rakshas were getting killed one by one.

Even Kumbhakarna and Indrajit were also killed. Even Ravan was once defeated by Rama, but Rama didn’t kill him saying that “you are tired now I don’t want to kill you. Go take rest and come next day for war”.

But even after so many incidents which are not normal Ravan never thought back on how a normal Human being and Vanaras are able to defeat Rakshas who has even defeated Gods. Ravan was always with the Ego that no one can defeat him but if he had cross-checked how all this is happening, he might have easily recognised that Rama was not a normal human but Lord Vishnu himself.

If he has done this he might have given back Sita Mata and saved his life and also the life of many Rakshas. But he has not done that which lead to his own destruction.

So friends in your life if everything is going wrong onceslow down and check where the problem is & why everything is going wrong.If you can correct the base problem then everything goes well for you.

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