Monday, January 14, 2019

Failure before Success - Ramayan Life Lessons

In the war when almost all the great warriors of Ravan including Kumbhakarna died only 2 main great warriors were left that is Indrajeet and Ravan. So the situation is more favourable for Rama. During that time Rama was making a plan on how to kill Indrajit because Indrajit will become invisible and he will keep on attacking. So Rama was thinking of a strategy on how they should find Indrajeet and defeat him.

Indrajit has noticed that Rama was making a strategy and he thought that he should divert Rama and his army. When they are diverted Indrajeet want to do Nikumbala Homam. If Indrajit completes that Homam it will become almost impossible to defeat him. So he left the war field and created a Maya Sita (an illusion/doll which exactly looked like Sita Mata).

Then he came to war field along with Maya Sita in his chariot. Then in front of Hanuman and Vanara Sena, he has cut the head of Maya Sita and told like this “I have killed Sita for whom you are doing war”.

Then he became invisible and went to do Nikumbala homam. Then everyone including Hanuman who saw this thought that Indrajit has killed Sita Mata. They went to Rama and told about it. Because of this everyone became depressed and stopped doing war.

After sometime Vibishana (Ravan’s brother) came there and saw that everyone was in depression. He finds the reason for their depression and told to Rama that it’s not Sita whom Indrajeet has killed. It might be Maya Sita which was created by Indrajit to divert them. Because Ravan has kept Sita in such a place that even Indrajit don’t know where she was. And I come to know that Indrajeet has went to do Nikumbala homam.

If he completes that Homam it becomes very difficult to defeat him. So stop crying and send Laxman & hanuman along with me. So that we can go to the place where Indrajit is doing Nikumabala homam and stop that homam and kill him. Then they went and killed Indrajit.

So when Victory came nearer to Rama Indrajit created an illusion and made Vanara Sena and Rama feel that the main purpose for which they are fighting has been lost. If Vibishana has not told the truth then it might have been a different story.

In our life as well when we are working hard for somethingand we are close to victory nature will create a situation or problems becauseof which we will feel depressed and can stop putting efforts. If you stop yourefforts you will not get Victory.

Many people will lose Victory because when they are close tovictory they will stop putting efforts. Later they recognise their mistake andkeep saying that if I had put little more efforts I might have got Victory.

So friends, if nature gives you Hurdles, don’t stop your efforts and start putting more efforts as you are close to Victory.

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