Monday, January 14, 2019

Importance of Implementatioin - Ramayan Life lessons

After Hanuman had got the darshan of Sita Mata, he wants to know how powerful the rakshas are. So he created a quarrel with them and killed many Rakshasas. Finally, Ravana’s son Indrajeet came there and by seeing Hanuman he thought that Hanuman can’t be controlled by normal weapons and used Brahma Astra on him. To respect Lord Brahma, Hanuman surrendered himself to Brahma Astra. Then Hanuman was taken to Ravan.

Hanuman told Ravan who he was, why he came and also told that if Ravan doesn’t return Sita Mata he will be killed for sure.

Listening to all this Ravan got anger and order Rakshas tokill Hanuman. Then Ravan’s brother Vibhishan stood and told that as per Dharmaa messenger should not be killed. Hey, king Ravan, you have read all theshastras and you know them very well. So even after knowing dharma if you don’tfollow them, there is no value for your study.

What Vibhishan told should be an eye-opener for presentgeneration people. We will learn a lot about a particular thing and will spenda lot of time in knowing about it. But when it comes to practice, we will notput any effort.

Many people will read books on Yoga and will spend a lot oftime seeing yoga videos on YouTube but finally, they will not even spend 15minutes daily to practice it. If you don’t practice then your learning is purewaste.

In the same way, some people keep on seeing videos oncooking but will never make a new dish. If you don’t want to try what the useof seeing?So friends from now if you learn something putit in practice then only it will have some value

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