Sunday, January 13, 2019

Human efforts + God blessings - Ramayan life lessons

When Hanuman met Sita Mata in Lanka, Sita Mata asked Hanuman many questions about Rama like how is he? Is he good? And many other questions. Then she asked like this “why Rama didn’t still come to save me?

Is he believing only in God without putting efforts or is he only putting efforts without praying God?” Here Sita Mata is saying that to successfully complete any work, we need both Human efforts plus Gods blessings.

Most of us either completely believe in god without keepingefforts from our side or we completely believe in our efforts without believingin God.

You might have seen many people who believe in God a lot butthey don’t put efforts from their side. And when the work is not done theycomplain saying my fate is not good or my God didn’t help and all.

There are other type of people who put a lot of efforts butthey don’t believe in God so they will not be getting fruits equal to theirefforts.

So friends from now if you want to do some work, put all your efforts and at the same time worship God with 100 percent trust that he will help you in doing your work. Then you will complete your work and will enjoy the fruits of it for sure.

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