Sunday, January 13, 2019

Go Extra mile - Ramayan Life Lessons

After Sugriva became the king of Kishkinda he called all the vanaras and sent them in search of Sita Mata. The task given by Rama and Sugriva to the vanaras is that they should find where Sita Mata is. Of all the vanaras it was Hanuman who went to Lanka and got the darshan of Sita Mata. With that, his task was completed and he was supposed to go back and inform Rama about it.

But Hanuman after seeing Sita Mata didn’t go back immediately. He talked with Sita Mata and gave courage to her. And Hanuman didn’t stop with it. He thought that he should know how powerful the rakshas are so that it will help them in the war which will happen in future. So Hanuman fought with them and killed lacs of Rakshas including one of the sons of Ravan. And also kept entire Lanka on fire.

If you observe Hanuman behavior, he has done more than whathe was supposed to do. In the same way, if we can also do more than what we aresupposed to do, we will get good results for sure.

For example, think there are 2 bicycle showrooms – A&B in the same street. Both sell the same company bicycles for the same cost. Showroom A gives 6 months free servicing but showroom B doesn’t give. In this case which showroom attracts customers more? Obviously, A. Because it is giving more service than it was supposed to do.

So from now whatever work you are doing try to do more thanwhat you are supposed to do. It might be in your job or business or in arelationship, you will for sure get good results.

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