Sunday, January 13, 2019

Sixth Sense - Ramayan Life lessons

Initially, Hanuman searched entire Lanka, except Ashoka Vana. Finally, Hanuman saw Ashoka Vana and starts searching for Sita Mata in Ashoka Vana. Ashoka Vana was very beautiful with a lot of trees, mountains, and waterfalls. Hanuman kept searching for Sita Mata by jumping from one tree to another.

But when he reached Simsupa Vruksha (a kind of tree) he suddenly felt that Sita Mata might be somewhere near. So he stopped there and started looking by sitting on that tree. As he felt Sita Mata was near that Simsupa tree and Hanuman got the darshan of Sita Mata.

If you notice properly Hanuman has listened to his Sixth sense. Once he felt that Sita Mata might be nearby he believed his sixth sense and stopped on that tree and kept looking from there. If he might not have given importance to his sixth sense then he would have been moved from that place with the same speed with which he was moving. Then there are high chances that he might have missed seeing Sita Mata.

In the same way, our sixth sense will also keep guiding us. Itkeeps telling what is good, what is bad and how to proceed. Nowadays we becameso practical that we stopped listening to it. Because of this, we are missing atrue guide who can help us in making good decisions.

So from now listen to your sixth sense and believe in it. Itwill really guide you.

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