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Importance of Sun light and its Health benefits

Importance of Sun light and its Health benefits

Before we learn about the importance of sun light, I want to ask you 2 questions.

1.How frequently you see sun rise?

2.How much time you spend in sun light daily?

If you are not seeing sun rise frequently and if you are not spending minimum 15 minutes daily in sun light then you have to know how much you are losing in your life

Hindhu Dharam says  Arogyam Baskaraditcheth “  meaning bhagvan Surya Narayan will give good health. It says if you have health problems worship bhagawan surya Narayan.

In olden days people used to have practice of doing suryanamaskar early in the morning and they used to spend their time in sun light. That’s why our previous generations are healthy.

Now let us understand, why Hindu dharma says to do surya namsakar or to worship sun god early in the morning and what we are losing because of not doing it

Importance of Sun light and its Health benefits
Importance of Sun light and its Health benefits

Getting exposed to sun rays have many benefits

Vitamin D which we get from sun rays is precious and we can hardly get it by any food or supplement. This vitamin D has so many benefits

It will promote calcium absorption, like if you take food which have calcium you need this Vitamin D, so that your body will absorb that calcium else your body can’t absorb the calcium.

It will improve your immunity power.

It will reduce the risk of cancer, Asthma, Diabetes, high blood pressure, heart diseases, infections (viral or bacterial), rheumatoid arthritis, auto immune issues and many

Sun light directly stimulates the production of endorphins in the body which will reduce stress and anxiety. It will not let depression to come near you and it will keep you active. Like this there are many benefits which we get by sun rays of the early morning.

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Now a day’s many people are getting calcium problem and depression, especially in women because we are not getting exposed to sun light.

So friends from now make a habit of spending minimum 15 minutes in sun, early morning every day. If you can do surya namaskar or pray sun god in sunlight it will be best. If you can’t do surya namaskar atleast spend 15 min in sun light early morning by walking or even just sitting. Some people have the habit of brushing or drinking tea sitting in sun light, you can try this as well so that you can get the benefits of it.

And if you can’t spend time early morning try to spend 15 min in other time of day , because something is better than nothing.

In many countries there will not be proper sun light. But in Bharat we are blessed that we will have good sun light throughout the year.  So friends make use of it and be healthy & happy.

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