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Become healthy and Peaceful with 20+20 Funda. Simple tips for good health and peaceful life

The two main goals of humans are good health and Soul improvement. I think you all can understand what good health is. So let me briefly explain what I mean by soul improvement. Soul improvement means conquering the emotions by which we can have a peaceful life and afterlife, which can lead us to Moksha (liberation). But because of busy Lifestyle or because of more luxuries we are ignoring these two main goals.

Effects of forgetting these two goals are

  1. Suffering from diseases
  2. No satisfaction in life even after having so many luxuries
  3. Feeling depressed most of the time
  4. Decreased life expectancy
  5. No peace in life
  6. Moving away from the main goal of human life Moksha

So in this busy life is there a way to good health and Soul improvement.


20 + 20 Funda

By following 20 + 20 Funda you can be healthy and can also start your journey towards soul improvement.

First, let us understand in brief what this 20 + 20 funda is. Basically, 20 + 20 funda means spending 20 minutes before a bath and 20 minutes after a bath. You can do it early in the morning or in the evening with an empty stomach at your convenience.

20 minutes before bath

Now first we will learn what we have to do in the first 20 minutes before the bath. This 20 minutes before bath, we have to concentrate on physical exercise. In these 20 minutes do any physical exercise you like. But make sure you will sweat in these 20 minutes. I suggest you include Surya namaskars in this 20 minutes. Because of this 20 minutes physical exercise there are many benefits

Benefits/Advantages of Physical exercise

  1. Exercise will improve your mood and reduce feelings of depression anxiety and stress
  2. It will produce positive feelings
  3. It will keep your body weight in control
  4. Physical activity helps you build muscles and strong bones
  5. It increases your energy levels
  6. It will reduce the risk of chronic diseases
  7. Moderate exercise can provide antioxidant protection and promote blood flow, which can protect your skin and delay signs of aging
  8. Exercise improves blood flow to the brain and help brain health and memory
  9. Regular physical exercise can help you sleep better and feel more energized

surya namaskar - Healthy and peaceful life
Surya namaskar for good health

20 Minutes after bath

Now let us focus on 20 minutes after a bath. The main goal of any soul is to attain Moksha (liberation). If we are not putting some efforts in that direction then there will be some unknown dissatisfaction in life, as one grows older.

Doing Japa is a basic step by which we can start improving our soul or put our first step towards Moksha.

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Immediately after bath do Tilaka dharana. Kumkum, vibudi, sindhoor or gandam any one of these can be used for tilaka dharana as per your preference. Then get dressed as per Hindu tradition. If you can’t wear it, wear a comfortable dress. Then choose a peaceful place in your home. Put a mat or any clean clothes on the floor and sit comfortably. Then do below pranayama

Close your right nostril and breathe from your left nostril to your full capacity then immediately exhale through the right nostril by closing the left nostril. After that inhale with the right nostril to your full capacity and then immediately exhale with the left nostril by closing the right nostril. Repeat this four times.

If you have more time you can do more pranayama’s

After Pranayama do Japa.

Japa means chanting a Mantra or the name of your ishta Devata. So you can chant the name of your ista Devatha for 108 times for example om Namo narayanaya, om Namah Shivaya, etc. You can use a Japa mala for counting. Keep your eyes closed while chanting and try to see your Ista Devatha with Mano nethra (inside eye). Try to chant inside- repeating the name inside your heart (no sound outside).

japa mala - Healthy and peaceful life
japa mala

Don’t do chanting in hurry to complete it fast, do it peacefully by seeing the Ista Devatha with manonethra (inside eye). It takes around 15 to 20 minutes to complete the Japa. By doing Japa like this, you will get the blessings of your Ista Devatha and your soul will start getting purified. During Japa, all the divine qualities steadily flow into your mind. Japa transforms the nature of the mind, it fills the mind with sattva (purity) guna.

Benefits/advantages of doing Japa

  1. Doing Japa will train your mind for Chitta Shuddhi (purity of mind)
  2. Will burn all the negative influences
  3. Increase the level of concentration
  4. It will help in cultivating the nobility in thoughts and actions
  5. Doing Japa will calm and strengthen your mind.

So friends spend 40 mins daily out of 1440 mins (24 hours) for good health, a peaceful mind, and to start your journey towards Moksha. Remember this 40 minute is for you and your soul. So keep aside 40 mins daily in your schedule for the betterment of your health and peaceful life.

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