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Sankya Yoga -Shrimad Bhagavad Gita Second Chapter

Bhagavad Gita Second chapter – Sankya Yoga 

Bhagawan Shri Krishna has seen Arjuna, who is crying 

Bhagawan Krishna: A wise person is not supposed to think like this. Remove this weakness from your heart and stand up.

Arjuna: How can I fight with the respectable persons like Bhishma and Drona?  I am unable to understand what is dharma and what is adharma. I am your sishya ( student) so please teach me.

Bhagawan Krishna: You are thinking about the things which you are not supposed to think. A wise person will not think about the people whether alive or dead

How a person experiences balyam(child age), yavanam(teenage), vruddhapyam(old age). Changing of body also happens in the same way. Means after death, soul will take a new body. Soul cannot be destroyed by anyone.

sankya yoga bhagavad gita
sankya yoga bhagavad gita

Sensations which are caused by indriyas are the reason for happiness and sadness. One should bare them. So Arjuna get up and do the war. How a person changes his clothes when they become dirty, in the same way soul will change the body.

A person who is struck in the cage of luxuries will never get the gyan( real knowledge).

You have the right to do the karma, but you don’t have the right on the fruits of karma. Don’t become the reason for fruits of karma and at the same time don’t stop doing karmas. Be in a stable state and leave the attachment. See both the good and bad results in the same way.

Do your work but don’t get attachment with the work or result. Become sthithapragna by seeing everything as equal.

Arjuna: what are the qualities of sthithapragna?

Bhagawan Shri Krishna: one who will not be sad in bad times and who will not be excited by luxuries , one who has given up affections, fear, anger is called sthithapragna.

 If someone think about things (good, bad or anything universe) then slowly it will develop relation. Because of relation kamam(desire) and then anger will be born.

Because of anger you will experience a kind of shock which leads to destruction of bhuddi (thinking power to differentiate good and bad) which leads to the complete destruction of the person.

One who will leave affection and enmity and keep his mind in control will enjoy the peace even though he is in disturbed world.

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