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Daiva asura sampad vibhaaga Yoga - Shrimad Bhagavad Gita Sixteenth Chapter

Shrimad Bhagavad Gita Sixteenth chapter – Daiva asura sampad vibhaaga Yoga

Bhagawan shri Krishna: Not having fear, having stable manas, having/ trying to get spiritual and religious knowledge, knowing about vedic knowledge, doing tapas, following ahimsa, saying truth, not getting unnecessary anger, patience, will power, not counting others mistake, kindness towards all the living beings, not having desire for worldly things, not have jealousy, not having desire for fame – all this are daiva gunas (qualities of a person having godly characteristics)

Attitude, thinking once self as great, getting unnecessary anger, ignorance, always thinking about worldly things- these are Asura gunas (qualities of a person having demon characteristics)

Daiva asura sampad vibhaaga Yoga bhagavad gita
Daiva asura sampad vibhaaga Yoga bhagavad gita

Deva gunas will lead you to moksha while asura gunas will bind you with bad karmas. I have told a lot about deva gunas. Now I will explain about people having asura gunas.

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They will not have any saucham (purity), tradition and satyam (habit of telling truth). They believe or keep telling that the universe doesn’t have any base and it has evolved by itself, there is no god, no need to follow dharma and all.

They keep telling that all the living beings are born because of kamam (sex) between men and women. They believe that kamam is the reason for existence of the world. With this way of thinking they will become dharmabrasta (people who don’t follow dharma) and become enemies to the world and also become reason for the destruction of the world.

They keep increasing their desire for worldly pleasures to such an extent that they will not be satisfied ever. Till they die they will be back of desires, Nisha (alcohol, drugs etc), kamam, luxuries.

They will be in illusion that they are born to enjoy, they are powerful, no one can do anything to them and they will hate me (god).

Because of this they will fall into Naraka (hell). I will make this people born to parents having asura gunas. So like this in every life they will become more degraded and will get adogathi (worst situation)

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There are 3 things which will lead to destruction of atma (soul) and open the door to Naraka.

1.kamam (desire , specially sexual)

2.krodham (unnecessary anger)

3.Lobham (extreme greediness)

Arjuna a person who has given up kamam, kordham and lobham will do things which are good, because of which he will get paramagathi (better life or starting journey towards moksha)

A person who has neglected Shastra (vedic way) for his desire will not be successful and he will not get the happiness as well.

So Arjuna to decide if a work is good or bad you should consider Shastra as base. Doing karmas as told in Shastra is good.

With this Shrimad Bhagavad Gita sixteenth chapter – Daiva asura sampad vibhaaga Yoga has been completed

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