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Shraddhatraya Vibhaaga Yoga - Shrimad Bhagavad Gita seventeenth Chaper

Shrimad Bhagavad Gita seventeenth Chaper – Shraddhatraya Vibhaaga Yoga

Arjuna: Hey krishna if someone don’t follow Shastra vidhi (way as told in vedic literature) and worship you with devotion as per their wish, then those people will be satvik, rajosik or thamasik?

Bhagawan shri Krishna: Human based on the body they get (as per the karma) will be satvik, rajosik and thamasik. Humans way of thinking will be based on this three gunas. People who are satva guna will worship gods, people who are in rajoguna will worship yaksha and rakshasas. People who are in thamoguna will worship spirits and devils.

People who worship me in a way which is not as per Shastra by harming themselves, to get their wishes come true, are people who have aasurik gunas.

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Three types of food will be liked by humans. Food which will increase the life span, which will give energy, which are not dry, which are sticky (example ghee), healthy will be liked by people who are satvik. This kind of food will keep the person pleasant and happy.

Foods which are extreme bitter, sour, salty, hot, cold, spicy, dry, which will create more thirstiness will be liked by people who are rajosik. This kind of food will cause disease and suffering.

Food which is cooked 3-4 hours back, which have lost its taste, which is spoiled, which is smelling bad, which is tasted by others, which is not clean will be liked by people who are thamasik

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Doing yagna and worship as per Shastra without expecting anything is satvik.

Doing yagna or worship expecting something is rajosik

Yagna or worship which is done not considering Shastra and without devotion is considered as thamasik.

Shraddhatraya Vibhaaga Yoga bhagavad gita
Shraddhatraya Vibhaaga Yoga bhagavad gita

Worshipping gods, brahman’s (hear brahman means good people who are great devotees of god, it doesn’t have anything to do with caste), being pure, practicing brahmacharya, ahimsa and doing good things are considered as sharirika thapasya (thapasya done by body)

Talking truth, talking good and not hurting others by words is considered as Vak thapasya (thapasya done by voice)

Having pleasant manas, being good, being silent, self-control, having pure (good) thoughts is considered as manasik thapasya ( thapasya done by manas)

Above mentioned thapasyas, if done without expecting anything then it is considered as satvika thapasya

If thapasya is done for a desire or to showoff then it will be rajosik thapasya.

If it is done without understanding and by harming self and others then it is call thamasik.

Donation which is done as karthavya (duty) without expecting anything to a person in need is satvik

Donation which is done expecting something or given unwillingly (not by complete heart) is considered as rajosik

Donation given to a wrong person or a donation given by disrespecting the donation taker is considered thamasik

People who do tapasya, yagna, dhana (donation) without expecting anything will get moksha.

Arjuna rememeber yagna, thapasya, dhana and any other work done without shraddha ( concentration and selflessness) will not help the person in both  iham ( in the present life) and param (after life).

With this shrimad Bhagavad gita Seventeenth Chapter – Shraddhatraya vibhaaga Yoga has been completed

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