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Moksha Sanyasa Yoga - Shrimad Bhagavad Gita eighteenth Chapter

Shrimad Bhagavad Gita eighteenth Chapter – Moksha Sanyasa Yoga 

Arjuna: hey Krishna I want to know about sanyasa, can you kindly tell me”

Bhagawan shri krishna: Sanyasa means giving up kamya karmas (works which are done to fulfill a desire). And not doing bad karmas. At the same time one should not stop doing niyatha karmas (like eating, drinking water etc), yagna, dhana and tapasya. But this karmas should be done by giving away the karma pahala.

It is impossible for a person to give up all the karmas. A person who give up the karma phala is the real sanyasi.

Karma pahala will be of three types – good, bad and both good+bad. If a person doesn’t give up the karma pahala, he will get his karma phala after death. A sanyasi will not get this karma pahalas.

A karma which is done without attachment, without expecting anything, without affection and enmity is called satvik karma.

A karma which is done with a desire, hardwork and attitude is called rajosik karma.

A karma which is done with moha (illusion), which can tie you with bandas, which can create destruction and violence is thamasik

A person who doesn’t have attachment, attitude, who has strong will power, who will not be disturbed by win/loss is Satvik

A person who has attachment, who do work with a desire, who is not pure, who will be disturbed by win/loss is called Rajosik.

A person who doesn’t have any self-control, who is cunning, who is lazy, who will be always in a kind of depression and keeps postponing the work is thamasik

Buddi (wisdom/decision power) which cannot differentiate between dharma & adharma, good & bad work is rajosik guna

With ignorance considering adharma as dharma and extreme thinking is thamo guna.

Controlling manas, prana (life force), indriyas with yoga is satvik guna.

Continuously working for desires is rajosik druthi (determination)

Continuously being in fear, sadness, sexual desire and not willing to come out of them is called thamasik druthi (determination)

Any experience which initially makes you suffer and which later gives you comfort and peaceful mind is satvik

Experiences of indriyas (skin, eyes, nose, ears, tongue…) which will initially make you happy but make you suffer later is rajosik.

Being in illusion with extra sleep, laziness and ignorance from starting to ending is thamasik

Gita Abhyas – Best book to keep Bhagavad Gita in practice

By getting manas in control, by not getting attracted to anything and by giving up all the desires and taking sanayas will take you to best position.

A person who has made his manas pure, who has given up all the desires, who has no enmity or affection, who stays in a lonely place, who takes limited food, who has controlled his manas, who is always in dyana yoga and viragya and who keeps worshipping me will reach me.

Arjuna I am telling once again, keep your manas in me, give up the karma pahala, worship me and follow what I have said, you will reach me for sure.

Arjuna have you listened to my words carefully? Has your Agyanam (illusion or not having actual knowledge) gone?

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Arjuna: Krishna with your blessings and words, my moha was gone, my doubts got cleared, and I got actual knowledge. I will do what you say

Moksha Sanyasa Yoga Bhagavad Gita
Moksha Sanyasa Yoga Bhagavad Gita

[With this, the conversation between shri Krishna and Arjuna was completed in bhagavad gita]

Sanjaya (who got a boon from vedavyas to see the kurukshetra war from any place) said to Drutharastra (kauravas father) “in this way the conversation between shri Krishna and Arjuna has happened. With the blessings of Vedavyas, I was able to listen to their conversation. Wealth, greatness, success, and dharma – this things will be there for sure in a place where shri Krishna and Arjuna are there.

With this shrimad Bhagavad gita eighteenth chapter – Moksha Sanyasa Yoga has been completed .

Bhagavad Gita had been completed with this Moksha Sanyasa Yoga. Hope you have understood what Bhagawan shri Krishna has told in all the 18 chapters of bhagavad gita, following which will take you towards Moksha.

Jai Shri Krishna

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