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Gau Mata - Know Why Cows Need To Be Worshiped And Protected

Improtance of Gaumata

Yajur vedam says “gau samana na vidyathe” – meaning out of all the living beings in the world, it is gaumata which helps the human most. As per Puranas if you feed gau mata it will be considered as if you have worshipped 33 crore gods. In Mahabharat, Vedavyas has told that “wherever gau mata is there, that place will be peaceful.”

He also told “Astaishwaryamayi laxmi vasathe gomaye sada” – meaning 8 forms of mata Laxmi will be there in gau mutra (cow urine) and gaumayam (cow dung).

As per Ayurveda panchagavya which is made from milk, curd, ghee, gaumutra and gaumayam is considered as Amruth, because it will cure and prevent many diseases and will also keep a person peaceful.

Milk, curd, ghee, gaumutra and gomayam individually also have many benefits. For an infant, if mother milk is not available only gaumata milk shall be given as it can be easily digested by the baby.

On the spinal cord of the desi cow, there will be a special nadi called “surya kethu”. This nadi will collect the energy from the sun and this energy will be present in cow milk. This is the reason why cow milk will be a little bit yellowish.

Cow milk will make you both physically and mentally strong, Cow milk will also detoxify your body and make you disease-free. Cow milk will also improve your digestion power.

According to Ayurveda, if a person drinks buttermilk made of desi cow milk every day, he will be disease-free.

Cow ghee will increase your memory power and is very good for your eyes and skin.

While doing yagna, cow ghee kept in fire will increase the oxygen content in air of that place and will also purify the environment.

So doing more yagna’s in metro cities might be one of the solutions to prevent pollution.

Cow ghee and gaumutra is used for curing many skin diseases. Taking cow ghee or gaumutra as told in Ayurveda will cure skin diseases. Diseases which can be solved with gaumutra are unlimited.

Recent experiments show that cow dung can protect us from harmful radiations and insects. Maybe it is the reason, in earlier days people used to mix cow dung with water and used to spray that water in front of the home.

Gaumayam (cow dung) is also used to cure many diseases. Gaumutra and gaumayam are the best fertilizers. They will improve land fertility and protect the crop from insects and many diseases. Using gaumutra and guamayam properly will increase the crop output and will also give healthy food which we can’t get by using harmful artificial fertilizers. Biogas can also be generated from cow dung.

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Doing yagna is one of the important rituals in Sanatana dharma (Hindu dharma). And this yagna can’t be done without gaumata. Because to perform yagna, initially the place needs to be purified by gaumutra and gaumayam. And we should use only cow ghee in yagna.

Like this there are many advantages of gaumata. Our shastras say that “gosthu matra na vidyathey” – meaning we will not be able to count the benefits which we get from gaumata.

Do we consider all the cows as Gau mata?

Gaumata means only the cows of the Indian breed. We don’t consider foreign breed cows (for example jersey cow) as gaumata, as they don’t have qualities that our desi cows have and they don’t belong to kamadenu lineage. Now lt us see how to recognize Indian breed cows.

1.Indian breed cows have a flap of skin beneath their neck

2.Indian breed cows will have a hump

3.Indian breed cows back will be curved especially near the tail

4.Indian breed cow’s horns are usually big.

Desi cow vs jersy cow - Gaumata
Desi cow vs others 

desi cow vs others
desi cow vs others

Now let us know in this modern life how we can protect gaumata and Sanatana dharma.

1.Spread the awareness about the importance of gaumata  to your friends, family, and to people whom you know

2.Generally cows that give milk will not be sold to slaughterhouses. Because the person who is growing the cow is getting benefit from it. So if he can get benefits from cow dung and cow urine, he will not sell the cow even when it stops giving milk. So if we really want to stop cow slaughter, we should buy products made of gaumutra and gaumayam. There are many products that are made from gaumutra and gaumayam like agarbathi, soaps, shampoo’s, floor cleaners, gau ark, mosquito coils, medicines, and many. So if we buy those products we will get benefits of that products and gaumata will also be saved.

3.Nowadays farmers are preferring to grow foreign breed cows, as they give more milk. But this milk is not even comparable to the milk of gaumata. So even if the milk and milk products of gaumata are a bit costly they are worth more. So buy milk and milk products of desi cow.

4.At least monthly once visit a gaushala and give some donation to gaushala. Might be grass or money whatever you like. Visiting a gaushala will give a kind of peacefulness.

5.If you are a rich person try to set up a gaushala

6.If you are an entrepreneur or planning to start some business you can think of making fertilizers made of gaumutra and gaumayam which will improve the crop output and will also give healthy food to the people.

7.Make farmers become aware of the benefits they will get if they use gaumutra and gaumayam in farming.

So being a Bharatvasi and Hindu, it is our duty to protect desi cows and ox. Bhagawan Shri Krishna has also shown the same. 

Gau mata ki jai

Jai shri ram.

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