Monday, August 27, 2018

Know how to Identify the Anti Hindus in disguise

Beware of anti Hindus wearing the mask of Atheists, Humanists, and Environmentalists

First let us know who are atheists, humanists, and environmentalists.

Atheists are the people who don’t believe in god and the presence of God. They generally believe only what they can see by their eyes.

Humanists are the people who don’t believe in presence of God and believe that human should help other human beings and they work for the good of humans.

Environmentalists are the people who believe that protecting the environment is very important for the well-being of everyone.

Generally, all these people don’t believe in any religion and they don’t poke or hate any religion.

Nowadays anti-Hindus are wearing the mask of atheists, humanists & environmentalists and working against Hinduism. Many Hindus are not able to recognize these anti-Hindus and getting trapped in their net.

beware of anti hindus
beware of anti hindus

With few examples, we will understand how this anti Hindus work

1.These people (anti Hindus) say they don’t believe in god, but keep blaming Lord Rama or Lord Krishna saying that Rama/Krishna has done that this and all. And will try to confuse Hindus.

If they don’t believe in God, they shouldn’t believe that Lord Rama and Lord Krishna have ever existed. So how can they say that a person who has not existed has done something wrong?

If you find anyone like this ask them to read Ramayan, Mahabharat, or bhagavat puran to understand why Rama or Krishna have done XYZ thing. And if they say that they don’t believe in them, then ask them to stop talking about something which they don’t believe.

Also read understanding Hindu calendar

2.This anti-Hindus keeps saying why don’t you help a human instead of doing abhisheka to Lord Shiva or offering flowers to god. But the same people will not even spend a rupee for the poor but will spend thousands to go to the bar, movies, and for their luxuries.

Next time if you find this kind of people tell them that you have the right on how to spend the money you have earned and you will get happiness by doing those things. Also tell them that “it is Hindu dharma which helps the human more and instead of giving free suggestions please help the poor people by giving up your luxuries (cars, costly houses, entertainment…)”

3.These anti-Hindu’s keep saying your religion doesn’t allow women into the temple. You are suppressing women and all.

If you find these kinds of people tell them that “there are only a few temples, into which women are not allowed. And it is the tradition of those temples. If you really care for the welfare of women, then work for those women who are really being suppressed”

4.These anti Hindu’s have problem if we include animals in our festival games, saying that Hindus are harming animals. But the same people don’t have a problem with cows and ox’s getting killed.

Friends remember all these anti-Hindus wearing the mask of atheist, humanist and environmentalist, will try to find fault with only Hinduism. They never have any problem with other religions.

I think you are intelligent enough to understand why they will not have any problem with other religions.

Most of these people will be working in some foreign-funded media. So next time if you find any article or news against Hinduism please be aware

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