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Kshetra Kshetragna Vibhaaga Yoga - Bhagavad Gita Thirteenth Chapter

Shrimad Bhagavad Gita Thirteenth chapter – Kshetra Kshetragna Vibhaaga Yoga

Arjuna: hey Krishna, what is prakruthi, who is purusha, who is kshetragna, what is actual knowledge? Can you kindly tell about them?”

Shri Krishna: Arjuna, this body is called kshetra and the one who knows about the kshetra dharma is called kshetragna. Arjuna know that the kshetragna in all the living beings is me. Knowing about the kshetra and kshetragna is the actual knowledge

Kshetra Kshetragna Vibhaaga Yoga bhagavad gita
Kshetra Kshetragna Vibhaaga Yoga bhagavad gita

Kshetra is a combination of wish, hatred, happiness, sadness, physical body, energy, will power etc.

Not praising oneself, not having attitude, following ahimsa(peace), having patience, following dharma, having stability, self-control, not having interest in worldly things, not getting attached with family, not getting disturbed or excited even if the things go as per our wish or not, staying alone and having a constant bhakti, trying to get atma darshan is considered as actual knowledge.

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Entire universe is filled by parabrahma. This is there in the living being and outside the living beings. Know that prakruthi (nature) and purusha (atma) are very old. All the gunas (everything including feelings) are born from prakruthi . And the purusha who is in this prakruthi experiences the gunas. Based on his (Purusha) attachment with gunas, he will get his next life. If one can see himself different from prakruthi gunas and can have atma darshan will get moksha.

Even though the world looks different (with many people, animals, things and all), it is dependent on only one thing which is called brahmatatva. And one who can recognize and see that one thing will get mukti.

With this shirmad bhagavad gita thirteenth chapter – kshetra kshetragna vibhaaga yoga has been completed

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