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Gunatraya vibhaaga yoga - Bhagavad Gita Fourteenth Chapter

Shrimad Bhagavad Gita Fourteenth Chapter – Gunatraya vibhaaga yoga

Bhagawan shri Krishna: Arjuna I will tell you about the knowledge, with which many rishis are getting moksha

Prakruthi (nature) is made up of three gunas- satva, rajo and thamo guna. This 3 gunas will be binding the atma (soul) to a body.

Since satva guna is pleasant it will make a person enlightened , healthy, getting attached to world peace and make you interested in actual knowledge. It will make you satisfied and bind you slightly only to these things.

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Rajo guna will arise desire in you. So if rajo guna is there, it will make the person to do a lot of karmas to get worldly things/pleasures. And because of this karmas you will be bonded.

Thamo guna will make the person to be in moha (illusion) and make the person lazy, carelessness and sleepy. Because of this things person will be bonded.

Satva guna will make a person happy and peaceful. Rajo guna will make a person to do more work for things which are not permanent and bring ashanthi (not being peaceful)

Thamo guna will make a person to do bad and will bring danger.

Gunatraya vibhaaga yoga bhagavad gita
Gunatraya vibhaaga yoga bhagavad gita

If a person dies when he is in satva guna he will reach higher worlds (like Swarga (heaven)). If a person dies when he is in Rajo guna he will be born again as human. If a person dies when he is in thamoguna he will be born either as human who will face lot of issues or as animal or tree etc.

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A person who understands and experiences that all three gunas are of prakruthi and he is atma (soul) and different from it(prakruthi), will reach me and will not be born again.

Arjuna: what are the characteristics of a person who will grow above all the three gunas? And how he will grow above all the three gunas?

Shir Krishna: A person who has grown above all the three gunas will understand that gunas are prakruthi. So he will be stable and see happiness& sadness, soil & gold, enemy & friend as same. He will give up all the karmas.

If a person have bhakthi towards me and who always think about me can easily grow above the three gunas

With this Shirmad Bhagavad Gita fourteenth chapter – gunatraya vibhaaga yoga has been completed

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