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Vishwaroopa Pradarshna Yoga - Shrimad Bhagavad Gita Eleventh chapter

Shrimad Bhagavad Gita  Eleventh Chapter – Vishwaroopa pradarshana yoga

Arjuna: Krishna all my moha (unwanted desire or illusion) was gone, with the knowledge you have shared with me. I am willing to see your vishwaroopa. If you think I am eligible for it, kindly show me your vishwaroopa

Bhagawan shri Krishna: With your normal vision you will not be able to see my vishwaroopa. I will give you divine vision, see my vishwaroopa

Then Bhagawan shri Krishna has shown his vishwaroopa to Arjuna.

Arjuna witnessed Krishna with unlimited number of eyes, jewelry, weapons… Arjuna was able to see the entire universe in Krishna. Bhagawan Krishna was glowing with an energy which is equal to 1000 sun’s put together.

Then Arjuna bowed down before Krishna and told 

Arjuna: Hey bhagawan, in your vishwaroopa I am able to see all gods, all the living beings, lord brahma, lord Shiva. You have unlimited no. of hands, faces, eyes. There is no start and end to you. I am afraid to see you with unlimited shoulders, hands, faces, legs. Your face is glowing like fire. I am unable to see you like this.

I can see all the kauravas, bhishma, drone, karna and many other people entering your mouth which is glowing like fire. Some people’s head are getting stuck between your teeth.

Hey paramathma, please come back to your shantharoopa (peaceful form). I am unable to understand you (aggressive form which Arjun has seen). Please tell me who are you.

Vishwaroopa Pradarshna Yoga Bhagavad Gita
Vishwaroopa Pradarshna Yoga Bhagavad Gita

Bhagawan Krishna: I am mahakal (form of shiva), my work is to destroy. Even if you stop doing the war, all this people are going to die. So Arjuna get up and do the war. You will get the credit. Kill the people, who are already killed by me.

Arjuna who is afraid, did namaskar to Krishna 

Arjuna: I am getting fear by seeing your vishwaroopa, I am willing to see you as Vishnu

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Shri Krishna: Arjuna don’t be afraid by seeing my vishwaroopa, now see me as Vishnu

Arjuna saw Vishnu rupa

Arjuna: My manas has become stable by seeing you as Vishnu

Shri Krishna: To get my darshan as Vishnu is very difficult. Even gods will be eagerly waiting to get my darshan. Bhakti is the only way to get this darshan. A person who has offered all the karma’s to me, who has bhakti, who doesn’t have interest in external world, who doesn’t have hatred towards anything only can get this darshan and can reach me.

With this Shrimad Bhagavad Gita chapter Eleven – Vishwaroopa Pradarshana Yoga has been completed

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