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Jnana Yoga - Shrimad Bhagavad Gita fourth Chapter

Shrimad Bhagavad Gita fourth chapter – Jnana Yoga  

Bhagavan Shri Krishna: I have earlier told this karma yoga to sun god, from sun god this knowledge of karma yoga was learned by many. But with time, the knowledge of karma yoga was forgotten. So I am telling that sanatana (very old and precious) yoga to you.

Arjuna: Sun god is millions of years elder than you how is it possible that you have taught him karma yoga?

Shri Krishna : you and me have already spent many janmas (life’s). But I remember all those janmas but you don’t remember it.

Arjuna! Whenever there is a problem to dharma and when adharma becomes more, to protect the good people, to eradicate the bad people and to establish dharma, I will be born in every yuga. Who all understands the meaning of my janmas (life) and karmas(works) will not born again(will get moksha). Many great people who gave away affection, fear, anger and kept meditating about me has reached me because of jnana tapasya.

jnana yoga bhagavad gita
jnana yoga bhagavad gita

Arjuna I will be blessing people in the form they pray me. One who doesn’t keep attachment with karma phala (result) who is always satisfied, who is not dependent on anything and keeps doing the duty is considered as a person who has not done any karma. Controlling the indriyas, prana and understanding brahma tatva (oneness or actual knowledge) is like doing yagna.

Arjuna how fire can burn wood into ashes, in the same way jnana can burn all karmas. One who doesn’t have jnana, concentration and who is always confused will be destroyed. A confused person will not have peace in this life and even after life. One should come out of the confusion with Jnana (actual knowledge).

So Arjuna remove the confusion which is born from ignorance with help of Jnana.

With this Jnana Yoga – fourth chapter of bhagavad gita has been completed

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