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Sanyasa Yoga - Bhagavad Gita Fifth Chapter

Bhagavad Gita fifth chapter – Sanyasa Yoga

Arjuna: Krishna once you are saying that giving up karma is good and on the other side you are saying karma yoga (doing work without expectations) is good. Please let me know which is the best in both

Bhagavan Shri Krishna: Karma sanyasa (giving up), karma yoga both will take you to the same place. But in this both,  karma yoga is better than karma sanyasa.

One who does not hate, who does not have desire is the nitya sanyasi (perfect/continuous sanyasi). only fools will say that sankya yoga and karma yoga are different. If one is practiced perfectly result of both will be achieved (received)

karma sanyasa yoga bhagavad gita
karma sanyasa yoga bhagavad gita

A yogi who has got the true knowledge will consider that breathing, smelling, seeing etc are done by indriyas (sense organs) but not by him.

Great people will consider an educated person, an uneducated person, cow, elephant etc. as equal.

A yogi should not think about happiness which has start and end.(which are not ever lasting)

A rishi who’s soul is without impurities, who has control over his thoughts and who pray for the good of all will reach Brahma Nirvana stage.

One who has understood me as the receiver of all yagnas, lord of all the worlds and as well-wisher of everyone will get permanent peace”

With this bhagavad gita chapter five – sanyasa yoga has been completed

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