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Atma Yoga - Shrimad bhagavad Gita sixth chapter

Shirmad Bhagavad Gita Sixth chapter – Atma Yoga 

Bhagavan shri Krishna: karma sanyasi is the one who do the karma (duty) without any expectations or karmaphala (result). One who can’t give up his expectations and wishes can never become a yogi.

One should improve himself. A controlled mind (manas) is like a friend and uncontrolled mind is like an enemy.  (Below are the steps given by bhagavan shri Krishna to control mind)

One should place a cloth or a mat in a neat place and should sit on it. Then he should first relax. He should sit in such a way that his neck, head and backbone should be straight. Then he should look at the tip of the nose and then he should meditate on me (god).

A person who eats more or less, who works more or less, who sleep more or less can’t practice dhyanam (meditation).

One should control his thoughts by meditation and should keep his manas in athma.

When manas (thoughts) which is not constant moves here and there we should get it back to our athma.

The person who is able to find me in all human beings and all human beings in me is always close to me.

Arjuna: Krishna I think it’s difficult to practice athma yoga with this manas which is not constant.

Mind is very fickle. As it is very difficult to control a strong wind in the same way it is very difficult to control manas.

atma yoga bhagavad gita
atma yoga bhagavad gita

Shri Krishna: There is no doubt in this. It is very difficult to control manas. But with practice, vairagya and self -discipline it is possible to control manas.

Arjuna: Krishna what will happen to a person who try to achieve this but unable to achieve and to a person who   achieved it and unable to stay in that stage. Will he be deprived of the both enjoyments in this world and the yoga as well?

Bhagawan shri Krishna: Arjuna nothing goes wrong for a person who tries to do good.

A person who tried but unable to achieve yoga will go to punyalokas (better world) stay there for many years and then will be born again as a human to very good parents and in good family. Then he will get back the knowledge which he has achieved in previous life. He will start his journey towards yoga from the point where he has stopped earlier.

Of all the yogis person who fill his manas with me, is the best 

With this bhagavad gita sixth chapter Atma yoga has been completed

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